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About Us – MGWashington

Hey there, Welcome to MGWashington, your personal buying guide to help you choose the best products. At MGWashington, we have a massive list of shopping guides for those people who wants to save their precious time figuring out what best to buy for them.

How I Started :-

I’m Alan Washington, and I love buying new products. I use to buy and try newly launched products and love to share my opinion with the people out there.

I have started my passion for trying new products into a career at the very beginning of this year. The idea behind setting up this blog is to share my unbiased reviews of products with the people out there to let them make a better decision while buying a product.

Until now, I have reviewed hundreds of products of different categories and published their honest reviews on this blog. You can find reviews of electronics, gadgets, household products, and many more. Additionally, I also share some helping guides on this blog to help you figure out some day-to-day activities. 

About Me :-

Well, you might have already understood me a bit. I got my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Stevens Institute of Business & Arts. Since my childhood, I love trying new stuff. From the beginning, I had a very high power in making choices. Even now, I can keep this talent alive inside me and turned it into my passion. Until now, I have reviewed hundreds of products, and this counting is still running.

Mission :-

As mentioned above, my only aim to set up this blog is to help people across the world to make a better choice while buying new kinds of stuff. Whether you are looking to purchase new products for your home, office, or your backyard, its very more laborious to make the right choice from millions of products available in the market. Here, I cut your hard word by grouping 10 best products list to help you with your decision. 

At MGWashington, I provide real reviews that are tested by me to give my most helpful and unbiased opinion about the product so that you choose the best out of it. All my reviews are well-researched and tested to help you select the best stuff for you. Apart from this, I also put some daily needs guides here to help you figure out some day-to-day activities.

Testing Our Products :-

To provide you with the most accurate and unbiased information about all the products, I take every single product through extensive and long-term testing. At first, I do much research to find the best products available in the market. Then I proceed to test them myself to give you my honest opinion on them. 

I have purchased almost all the products that I had reviewed so far. A very couple of items have been given to me as a sample to test and review. But yes, free samples never alter my honesty and unbiasedness of reviews. I only accept samples on the condition of unbiased reviews. And so, I only feature the products that I solely believe that there is something that you should try once. 

Our Address :-

Looking forward to reaching me? If yes, you can always reach me and give me your valuable feedback via the Contact form, or you can follow me on my social media handles provided on the Contact Us page.

Alan Washington,

4092 College View,

Troy, IL 62294