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Choosing Your Best Carbon Filters for Grow Room

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Indoor grow space always considered to be one of the best options, but it comes up with many drawbacks. Getting a smell like a hotbox is something hard to bear all the time.

You can make use of the air purifiers or any odor neutralizer to remove the smell. However, it will not help you ultimately to remove the odor. However, Carbon Filter for Grow Room is being put in use which is providing the best air odor extraction solution.

8 Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room

The best part of these filters is that it not only removes the air out of the room but at the same time it prevents the odor from spreading in the surrounding.

However, you need to make use of the best carbon filter for grow room by keeping a check on the Cubic feet per minute or CFM extraction power of the fan.

Hence, once you get the set up installed you need to make sure that you are relieved.

Top 7 Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room

There are Number of options that are available online, but this does not mean that you can settle with just any other option. Our experts reviewed 30+ carbon filters & here are 7 best out of them. Read the article to find best carbon filter for you.

1. iPower Air Carbon Filter Odor Control (4-Inch)

This particular product with Australia Virgin is considered to be one of the best carbon filters which work effectively to control the odor. Moreover, it has got an extended life period throughout which it could be used.

They are even provided with the Charcoal for Inline Fan which has got thickness helping in better absorption facility and performance level.

At the same time, this product is being made with an additional upgraded top quality feature which makes sure that all the unnecessary elements are being removed and space is left with clean and fresh air. Hence, possibly all the harmful chemical are even eliminated at the same time.


  • It is highly durable with a very secure setup facility.
  • It has got Reversible Flange
  • It has even the Prefilter Included.
  • It has exceptional odor control capability.


  • The charcoal gets clumped up together which then accumulates and does not allow the air to pass through it.

2. Amagabeli Carbon Filter Odor Control (4 inch)

This particular product with the Australia Virgin Coconut Activated Charcoal for Hydroponics Indoor Plants is found to be highly beneficial for the plants. Used up in the Grow Tent Room for 4” Inline Fan Combo Pre-filter Included, these carbon filters are highly useful and widely put to use by the people.

This particular filter is made up with the galvanized material of steel with the Velcro straps it clears and filters almost 99.8 percent of the air.

This filter is even provided with the open area so that the flow rate of air is higher. Hence, the toxic atmosphere is easily and quickly replaced. The reversible small filtration capability makes sure that it can be used up as intake filters and even as the exhaust filters to work on the odors of the surrounding.


  • It is available at a highly budget friendly amount.
  • It is even provided with the reversible smell friction quality
  • The constructing material used up in preparing it is of good quality.


  • It has got no warranty period.

3. Phresh Filter

This Carbon filter comes up in a completely packed and sealed up packet so that it does not suffer from any damage. It has the particular specifications 701005 Filter, 6 in x 16 with an air flow rate of 400 CFM.

Even the manufacturers provide the customers with the prefilters and the flange included in the pack.

Also inside the air filers is provided carbon which has the 48mm of thickness. It has the capability of trapping almost all the odor of the air. The internal base of the structure is made up in the cone shape which facilitates the flow of air at a higher rate. You can consider it to be a good investment made by the people.


  • It has the unique anti-air system of the bypass.
  • It is being made by the use of high quality of the carbon


  • It may be regarded as expensive products mainly by beginners

4. iPower Air Carbon Filter (6-Inch )

This carbon filter has come up as one of the best equipment to be used in the growing community. It has the best Odor Control with Australia Virgin techniques. Even it is the best size that is being recommended to every user that is neither too big nor too small.

The layer of the Charcoal for inline fan ensures the maximum absorption and elimination of the toxic air. With the air flow rate of 420 CFM, the replenishment of the air is done as quick as possible. Many sizes and models varieties are being made available, and all you need to do is to choose as per your requirement.


  • It has an effective odor control mechanism
  • It removes chemicals and toxins from the air completely.
  • It has got an excellent durable nature


  • No, till date complains about this particular product.

5. CoolGrows 4 inch Air Carbon Filter

This Odor Control Grow Tent Kit with Australia Virgin Charcoal Activated Charcoal Air Filter Scrubber along with the Pre-filter Included model is available for the users in the different sizes. It is excellent in absorbing almost every possible variety of smell or the chemical present in the surrounding air. Even the metallic material used up in its manufacturing is quite strong and is considered to be highly durable.

It would neither get corrosion affected and could be made use for a more extended period. It can be installed in your bathrooms, garages, kitchens or the grow tents even. It absorbs the air at an increased flow rate which makes it comparatively more efficient.


  • It is comparatively cheap than the other sold products.
  • It comes with a year warranty
  • It has high ratings and useful customers review.


  • It is available in different sizes, so you need to check your requirement. No such other specifications loopholes regarding it has been published on the official website.

6. VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter

Coming up as one of the best brands, this filter has evolved as the best Odor Control filter with the Australia Virgin Charcoal for Inline Fan facility. The charcoal present has the capacity of absorbing the odor and act as the Grow Tent Odor Scrubber. It has the optimum surface area for all the carbon particle

which makes sure that all the possible contaminants present including the chemical toxins are absorbed. You can even change the base and flanges to increase the life tenure of the carbon filters. However, as per the space area and the requirement of the environment, you need to make the selection of the carbon filters.


  • It has the reversible Flange with the base that is switchable too.
  • It even has the pre-Filter Included manufactured by the trusted people


  • There is no such specifications relating to the air flow rate.

7. Activated Charcoal Carbon Filter

This particular filter has Extra Thick Layer of Top Grade Activated Australian Virgin Charcoal which is Great for the Hydroponics and Growing. They even have Premium Grow Tent Odor Scrubber.

Also though they are of lightweights, they offer excellent resistance and are more durable at the same time.

Not only it is a safe choice made by the users but at the same time are quite environment-friendly.With the life expectations of around 1.5 years, this professionally designed charcoal carbon filters have got the best absorption capacity.


  • It has been named as the high performance absorbing filters.
  • It works more effectively than the other carbon filters
  • It is being constructed in such a way that allows maximum air to flow through it


  • No such specified till date.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What is a Carbon Filter and How Does it Work?

The carbon filter is a way to remove the impurities and contaminants from the air by the use of activated carbons. Every carbon granule provides the pore structure which allows the contaminants all the exposures inside the filters to active sites.

2. What do these air filters remove?

The charcoal filter for grow rooms are more effective in removing the chlorine which includes the sediments, all the volatile organic compounds, odor and taste from the water.

3. How to Choose the Right Size of Carbon Filter?

You need to make sure that the extraction fan should have the ability to exchange the air in a fair manner once in every three minutes.

Say for instance if the dimensions of the room are 8 * 8* 8 that the volume of the air in the room is 512 cubic feet which when replaced in every 3 minutes needs the equipment with an air flow rate of 171 CFM.

4. What are the Other ways to Get Rid of Odor in a Grow Room?

To get rid of the odors in a grow room, you can make use of the carbon filters, scrubbers, odor neutralizers, air purifiers.

5. How effective is a carbon filter?

The active carbon filters mainly the charcoals are considered to be very useful with excellent results.

6. When should I replace my carbon filters?

Activated charcoal can absorb all the containment for around two to four weeks. Hence, you need to change the filters almost every week to get a good response.

7. Can you wash a carbon filter?

Yes, you can wash a carbon filter with proper care.

8. Are carbon air filters safe?

Carbon filters offer limited filtration. They are useful in removing all the organic compounds. However, they fail to filter out the heavy metals, fluoride or the microorganism present in the water.

9. Does the carbon filters remove the smell?

Yes, the carbon filters help in neutralizing the smell completely. It not only removes the odor but even removes the impurities from the air at the same time.

10. Can you reuse the carbon filters?

No, once made in use you will have to replace the filters after use. They are not the reusable ones which could be further put in use.

11. Does activated carbon expire?

Activated charcoal absorbs the various pollutant and gets filed up. So, if left in an exposed manner to the environment, this carbon will expire.

12. Do carbon filters remove mold?

Yes, carbon filters to have the capability of removing the mold odors as it absorbs the VOCs and the MVOCs produces by the mold.

13. Don’t understand the difference between regular carbon and activated

carbon! Why do I need a filter with activated carbon?
People often misunderstand between the regular carbon and the activated carbon. The activated carbon is charcoal which is being put in use. In filters, activated carbon is being used as it can remove the odors and contaminants from the air and water.

14. Had a mold problem in my home and bought a carbon filter to fix the

problem! It’s not working! What do I do?
You can make use of the HEPA filters. They are the certified elements which can remove all the mold spores with the proved results.

15. Are carbon air filters better?

The thickness of the carbon filters determines the adsorption capacity. It means more the width more effective will be the results in removing the fumes, odors, and chemicals from the air.

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