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Top 5 Best of the Best Electric Blankets for Chilly Nights

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Sleeping is an essential aspect of human life. We sleep not only for our luxury or as our recreation, but also for our own benefit. Sleeping rejuvenates our body mechanism and helps us to continue with our work even more efficiently.

When in illness, majority of doctors prescribe sleep as one of the modes of convalescence. Thus sleeping holds immense importance in human life. Sleeping comes with a number of factors that are very important for inducing the right amount of sleep.

We need a good bedding facility, diet and even lighting facility for engaging in an unhindered sleep. An undisturbed sleep for eight hours is very essential for the proper working of human body. It might get varied from 6 hours to ten hours. Therefore for this amount of sleep, proper facilities are essential.

We need proper pillows that indeed depend upon our posture of sleeping and our muscle conditions. We need proper mattresses for preventing sleepy muscle cramps and aches. We need blankets and dim lighting for inducing perfect sleep.

In the present times where everything is trying to be made easier and user friendly, blankets in extremely chilly areas come with automated heating facilities. This not only reduces the excessive payment for electric

This not only reduces the excessive payment for electric heaters, but also is an assured product of keeping you warm throughout the night. In this article, we are going to help you understand the product called electric blankets and discuss in details the top five electric blankets in the market under the review of the current year.


Just as we all know, a blanket is a wrapping material that is usually made with cotton or other items for keeping us warm. But sometimes the warmth seems less in nights when the temperature becomes extremely low. In that condition, heaters are switched on for a long time to keep the room heated.

This might increase your expense of electricity and it is here that the electric blankets come handy. The electric blankets are the special types of blankets that consist of electric heating facility inside it, providing additional warmth. It sometimes is used along with an electric mattress and is meant to be slept on.

In the modern times, a lot of evolution has come up in the mechanism of electric blankets, so that they have become safer and is less likely to cause fire hazards.


Before buying electric blankets, you have to keep in mind the few factors that determine its quality. These factors are

  • Easy washing- people nowadays prefer easy availability and less effort. So go for a blanket that is machine washable. There are various electric blankets in the market that come with this facility. So choose one having this facility.
  • Design- the older electric blankets were poorly insulated and were thin. As a result the power consumption was more compared to the heating facility. In the modern day, the blankets are made thicker with low voltage regulator, thermostats and dual controls. Also look out for the natural insulating material and its GSM rating. Consider all these, while buying an electric blanket.
  • Safety- safety in the electric blanket is very important. Consider minutely all the safety options before buying it.


According to the reviews of 2017, in the following part of the article, we are going to give you the details of top five electric blankets in the market. Hope the details conferred in the article help you to make correct choices and guides you in your shopping.

1) SoftHeat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low Voltage

The most important aspect that makes it the best choice amongst the customers is its low voltage yet long term heating. There are other exceptional qualities that this electric blanket possesses.First of all it is provided with a thick layer of fleece inside that provides natural insulation. The wiring of this blanket has been dealt with minute details.

The dual control system helps in easy operation as well as reading. It has a back light that helps in temperature control in the middle of the night.

Moreover this electric blanket is machine washable. The negative aspects of this blanket include the odor of old polyester. Also two outlets are required for the two heating zones.

Except for these, the blanket has all the qualities for providing the customers with utmost ease and comfort. The price of this blanket has been set at 280 USD.

2) Sunbeam Quilted Fleece

When we have in product details the aspect of quilted fleece, it is for sure that the warmth is not going to be compromised. It is a thick blanket, providing soothing warmth, assured all night long.There are about ten different temperature settings to provide you with comfortable temperature all night long. The internal heating system has a low voltage facility that prevents hazardous accidents.

A very well safety system is entrusted to the blanket of this company. It has an automatic switching off system that switches off the heating mode after ten hours.

So even if you forget to switch off your blanket in the morning, real hazardous fire problems can be avoided as this blanket will automatically switch itself off. It has double regulating system so that the customers can set their own temperatures.

Moreover it is machine washable. The negative aspect about this blanket is that the wiring system is noticeable. Also it is considered to be slightly more expensive that its competitors in the market.

However majority of people do not pay heed to the price as its facilities are worth it. 

3) Beauty Rest Ribbed Micro-Fleece

As can be understood from the name, the blanket has a special style quotient attached to it. However if you think that the product offers only style, you will be tremendously wrong. In the Beauty Rest Ribbed Micro-Fleece you will get the perfect juxtapositions of convenience, safety and style.

The internal wiring system is very flexible in the blankets produced by this company. There are provisions for twenty different types of temperature settings. The wireless control system saves the blanket from getting overheated. Moreover the style appears very thin and user friendly.

If somebody thinks its thin texture to be an aspect of less heat, then he will be wrong. The blanket makes no compromise in heating provisions. Even with its thin texture it provides a great heating facility. The blanket appears in twenty different types of colours. Moreover the blanket is machine washable.

However the major dispute arises. Even though the blankets contain the tag of being machine washable, it is recommended not to subject it to machine washes for more than three times. The quality rapidly dilapidates once the blanket is subjected to repeated machine washes.

This is a very great disadvantage compared to the other two electric machine washable blankets. Moreover its other negative aspects include its small size. A person sleeping in queen sized bed may be in need of a king sized blanket, but the company usually fails to provide king sized blankets.

Also the blanket is said to “pill” after using for some time. The price of this blanket is fixed at a certain higher point compared to the other blankets. It costs around 350 USD. The price however may vary.

4) Biddeford Comfort Knit

The cozy king-sized electric blanket from Biddeford is very popular amongst most of the customers. It is mainly because the blankets are very comfortable and the warmth provided is of high quality. The dual control helps in minimizing the chance of overheating by using two outlets.

Moreover it provides the provision for manual control so that an individual can control the temperature according to his/her comfort. Moreover for safety there is an automatic shut off system.

This is extremely needed for preventing destructive fire accidents. Even if you forget to switch the power off there won’t be any major accidents. Also the style quotient of these electric blankets is high.

They come in a wide range of colours. The main power cord for these blankets is located at the bottom even though many customers prefer a side power button. But the safety is ensured more in the location of a bottom power button than in the side power button.

The blanket has a huge advantage of getting heated up at a very rapid rate. There are almost ten different temperature settings offered by this company of the blanket. However there are certain negative aspects of this blanket also.

There are incidents of faulty wiring system. Though the incidents are very rare, it is associated with this company blankets especially. The advantage of machine washing is not there.

Moreover the internal wires are very thick compared to the blankets of other companies. The price of this electric blanket is quite affordable for such high characteristics. 

5) Serta Luxe Plush Low-Voltage

This company is a very reputable manufacturer of electric blankets. Moreover , the electric blankets from this company have achieved some excellent customer reviews.The Serta Luxe Plush low voltage electric blankets provide maximum heat at low voltage, thereby consuming minimum electricity. 

Moreover , the blankets come with dual controls thereby reducing the chance of major accidents.

It also includes all the features necessary for the utmost safety of the customers. The size of these blankets is very flexible which means that they are fit for all mattresses of all sizes.

They have the facility of machine washing. Moreover despite being thin, the warmth produced by them is very consistent. The blanket comes with a warranty of a generous period so that they can be changed or rectified if there are any faults. The shell of these blankets also looks very stylish.

Amongst the negative aspects, the blankets have a limited colour range. There is also a problem with the insulation. It lags behind in insulation from its competing companies. Also there are some rare problems reported regarding shrinking and pilling.

The price of these blankets is fixed at about 180 USD. However the price varies greatly and should be thoroughly surveyed before buying.


Like all other electrical devices, the electrical blankets are also characterized by certain advantages and disadvantages. They are the supreme inventions, especially for the people of extremely chilly countries, but they are not without disadvantages.


Before buying electric blankets, you have to keep in mind the few factors that determine its quality. These factors are

  • Because of consistent heating, there might be a variation in the temperature of your body. Initially you might feel warm but as the night will fly by, you might get uncomfortable. At this point, a lot of time gets wasted by adjusting and re-adjusting.
  • There are some electric blankets that do not come up with the facility of automatic shut off system. If you use such type of blanket and forget to turn it off, either there will be a large drainage of electricity or it might end up catching fire.
  • Because the whole thing is electric, maintenance is a huge issue. There are some blankets which cannot be machine washed. Other blankets even if they can be machine washed, they need air drying. Thus they are time and energy consuming in some aspects.


Electric blankets are 100% safe to use, if some safety measures are followed. The modern blankets produced in the markets are highly modified versions of the older ones. They have modified their safety system to a great deal.

Lots of changes have made, new mechanisms and insulation have been introduced. Despite their efforts, if the customers show awareness, the electric blankets are 100% safe to use. Remember the following safety measures while using the electric blankets and you will be hazard free.

The wires inside most of the electric blankets are heat resistant and insulated. But for the maximum time, they cannot withstand pressure. So avoid putting heavy objects including your body or pets on the blankets. This might break the wire resulting in shocks and hazardous accidents.

  • Keep the temperature moderate instead of maximum. There can be health issues.
  • Avoid buying second hand or used electric blankets.
  • Electric blankets are not for people who love to wrap themselves up in the blankets or quilts. So avoid doing that.

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