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Choosing Your Best LED Grow Lights for Maximum Growth of Indoor Plants

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A sudden craze for the indoor growing is witnessed in this present era. Certainly, if you are interested in indoor growing you must have a good idea relating to the growing lights? This article is certainly going to fetch you a good piece of useful knowledge relating to the best LED grow lights.

15 Best LED Grow Lights for cannabis and weed.

However, you should keep this in mind that almost all the LED grow lights share an identical common name, however, they do not function in the same manner. Though the initial cost of investment involved in the beginning for LED grow lights is more. But, the benefits you get from it, makes it a quite cost-effective one.

Top 15 Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Growing

You get the lights, and at the same time growth of the plants in the garden is fostered at the same rate. Go through our article on 15 best LED light and know about the best led grow lights for indoor plants.

1. Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W LED Grow Light

Winning the hearts of almost all the customer, this product has come out as one of the best options for every buyer. It offers the best quantum of light required for the plants.

It is highly power efficient, and you need to properly evaluate how much brightness or intensity of heat and light is required from the bulbs. Even when you compare it with the other LED grow light, you will find it consumes less power.


  • Has a competitive price over other products
  • It is elegantly designed
  • It has been able to satisfy all the customers
  • It has all the non-hazardous parts


  • It is not waterproof
  • It even does not provide dual switch facility

2. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light

This light has been referred to as the best led grow lights for plants. You can say it is considered as the best replacement of the sunlight. It is being made available to the people at the most affordable price.

Even when you evaluate and compare the Photosynthetically Active Radiation to know about the light intensity, you will find it to be highly efficient. Moreover, it draws the minimum amount of power required


  • It is not waterproof
  • It even does not provide dual switch facility


  • It is not waterproof
  • It does not have any automatic timer

3. VIPARSPECTRA UL Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light

This particular LED grow light is quite preferably being made use by the customers and has gathered quite positive reviews from its users.

You can say that this specific variety has an excellent reflecting and heat dissipation system which makes it

quite ideal for use for almost plants growing at all the stages.It even Has Daisy Chain Function which helps in making use of the multiple numbers of lights at the same time fostering in the growth of plants with the Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants, Veg and Flower


  • A timer can even properly control it
  • No extra ballast is required


  • It is not waterproof
  • The light has infrared LEDs which makes it appear dim

4. King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light (Dual-chip 10w LEDs)

It is the best variety of grow lights available in the market with the double chip facility. Moreover, this full spectrum led

They are entirely eco-friendly with an efficient working cooling system. It offers full Spectrum for Greenhouse Indoor Plant Veg and Flower. grow lights is the total replacement of the natural sunlight is benefiting the indoors plant growth


  • Full spectrum light exactly acts as the sunlight.
  • It is considered as the best led grow lights for cannabis


  • It requires proper administration; otherwise plant can even wither out.
  • It makes use of more watts of light then mentioned

5. VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series 450W LED Grow Light

This led grow bulb is considered to be the best balance of coverage with the lumen output. It has got three diming knobs at the same time along with the great fans in the front panel portion.

Facilitated with 3 Dimmers 12-Band Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg/Bloom, it even has a good PAR testing results which are increasing the demand for this product in the market. Here you can learn more about Best carbon filters which will help your plants grow.


  • Highly durable material
  • The power consumption rate is low


  • It is not equipped with a proper timer facility.
  • It lacks a daisy chaining facility.

6. Apollo Horticulture 180W LED Grow Light for Plant Growing

The entire kit is made up of stainless steel which makes you tension free from the corrosive aspect. This particular grow lights produces a small quantity of heat and can even survive temperatures around 131 Fahrenheit degrees.

It can also be made use for the lightning purpose of various plants as it offers a comprehensive range coverage facility. You can say that it is the best led grow light for the money value.


  • Longer life tenure of use
  • It covers a vast space range area


  • It can only be made use for the indoor planting purpose

7. Advanced Platinum 300w 12-band LED Grow Light

This particular grow light has come up as the best option for the users with the dual veg/flower full spectrum facility.

This 300w led grow light yield a perfect quality of flowers and vegetables with a remarkable spectral output rate. Even the fans that do not make much sound which makes it quite ideal one to be used for any sized gardens.


  • Powerful light for the improved growth and results
  • It offers a smooth and super quiet performance


  • It does not provide extensive coverage

8. Roleadro LED 1000W Indoor Plant Grow Lights

It is the best led grow lights for weed as it offers full spectrum with UV&IR for Veg and Flower-1000w. The light helps in the

effective development and growth of the plants. The inclusion of the IR facility helps in the better photosynthesis mechanism. Even it is considered as the best led grow lights for marijuana plants as it makes it quite sturdy.


  • The power consumption rate is low
  • It has an integrated fan facility which lowers the heat consumption


  • The power consumption rate is low
  • It has an integrated fan facility which lowers the heat consumption

9. MARS HYDRO Reflector 720W Led Grow Light

This grows light comes in the list of the best led grow lights high times as it provides Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Bloom. It helps in creating a perfect balance of the spectrum lights

It even has the inclusion of the infrared rays which promotes the growth of weeds. This particular model comes with a guaranty period of three years. They are also provided with the two different switches for the bloom and the growth stage.


  • It is highly durable
  • It is energy efficient


  • If not appropriately administered can even damage the plants
  • You cannot dim the lights

10. VIPARSPECTRA UL Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light

The best thing about this model is that it is designed in such a manner that the light is directed towards the canopy penetration. It offers full Spectrum for the Indoor Plants Veg and flower. Hence, the entire light is taken up by the plant for the growth purpose.

Even the design is made in such a manner that the plants receive an equal amount of light which promotes better and faster growth rate. Due to its durable nature, it can be made use for a more extended period. Learn more about Best Hydroponic Air pumps for growth of your plants.


  • The light is spread in an even manner
  • Offers the intense canopy penetration capability
  • Has Daisy Chain Function


  • It runs in a slow manner

11. BESTVA Reflector Series 2000W LED Grow Light

It is considered to be the perfect replacement for the HPS system being made use from the past days and that too at an affordable cost. It even works in a quite efficient manner which can be controlled with the timer facility.

It also develops the full spectrum effect which positively supplements the sunlight. It acts as the Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for the Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower. The entire designing and packing of the lights are done in a fantastic manner which enhances its usage period for a more extended period.


  • It has the dual chip technology
  • It well balances the temperature of the growing area
  • It is of super durable nature


  • It is not waterproof

12. VIPARSPECTRA UL 1200W LED Grow Light

It supports the growth of the plants at all the stages along with the excellent spectrum quality which comprehensively mimics almost the natural light for the Indoor Plants Veg and Flower.

It even has an incredible cooling system which works smoothly and silently. The LED lights are quite durable with the perfect blend of the red, white and blue bulbs. Hence, the plants get all the light in an ideal combination as per the requirement.


  • Highly durable material
  • It has some of the powerful LED chips


  • It can be put to use for the indoor purpose only
  • It has fewer PAR values than the expectations level.

13. Dimgogo 1000W LED Grow Light

The plants enjoy the excellent quality of light which operates even at lower heat and noise. It comes with the triple Chips Full Spectrum Grow Lamp facility which has the UV&IR for the Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower.

It could be possibly used up for all the phases of Plant Growth. It will help you to save lots of money as the rate of power consumption is minimum. So, as an energy saving technique, it is a good option for the indoor gardens which keeps the Lumen output and the coverage balance to the same level.


  • It is power efficient
  • It is available at an affordable cost


  • The cooling system has got fault, and it collects debris

14. Advanced Platinum Series 450w 12-band LED Grow Light

Though this particular model is designed professionally and is even quite highly priced, you will not deny this fact that it offers such services which justify

its cost coming up with the dual veg/flower full spectrum facility. You enjoy the benefits of broader coverage along with the minimum power usage. It has got a strong and solid framework which helps it to be used smoothly.


  • It helps in the robust, fast and healthy growth of the plant
  • It is highly energy efficient


  • It does not cover a wide range of space
  • It is quite expensive

15. Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 2000W LED Grow Light

It has got a better intensity of light with a strong penetration capability offering full Spectrum with UV & IR for the Indoor Greenhouse Plants, Veg & Flower. Moreover, after natural experiments and test,

such models are designed with an upgraded optimal aspect. It not only helps in promoting the growth of plants but somewhat improves the yield rate pattern to produce multiple numbers of fresh flowers. Check out our the list of 7 Best Carbon Filters for your grow room.


  • It provides more great actual power capacity when compared to the other lights.
  • It can be conveniently made use for the indoor growing.


  • It lacks the automatic timing capacity

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Why Do You Need the Best LED Grow Lights?

Grow lights are made use to enjoy the benefits of indoor cultivation.

2. What are the pros and cons of LED Grow Lights vs. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) ?

LED Grow lights are comparatively more energy efficient, but when it comes to investment, it is expensive than the HPS lights. However, in the long run, it gives you saving.

3. Why Is Best Quality Light Essential for Plants?

Best quality light will ensure proper growth of the plant without any damage or hamper to the plant health.

4. What Are the Different Types of Grow Light Available On the Market?

There are two types of HID lights available in the market namely, Metal halide and the high-pressure sodium. Both of them emit an intense light when compared to the fluorescent bulbs.

5. How far away should LED grow light be?

It totally depends on the ratings of the grow lights. The Grow lights bearing 240watt energy should be placed 12 to 24 inches from the first region while the 450 watts should be kept at 14 to 30 inches.

6. What is the power consumption of the product?

Generally, the requirement is 32 watt for every square foot. However, for the optimum results, it should range from 50 watts to 80 watts.

7. What size grow light do I need?

The grow light size depends upon the area of the living space. Say, for instance, if one 16 square feet area requires to develop then the light having 500 to 550 watt capacity will be required.

8. Full spectrum or broad spectrum?

Full spectrum lights help in growing the plants healthy as well as strong. It helps in delivering the exact spectrum of light required for the plants.

9. How many lumens do I need to grow the indoor plants?

The minimum required lighting is 2000 lumens for every square foot. However, for better results, it should range around 5000 lumens to the maximum of 7000 to 7500 lumens.

10. What are the best grow lights for indoor plants?

Incandescent lights are considered to be the best option for the plants mainly the ferns and vines.

11. Do LED lights work as grow lights?

LED grow lights are quite preferably being made use by the people as they are considered to be energy efficient lights and can meet the need of the plants.

12. How many LED grow lights do I need?

When you look for the best led grow lights for plants for cannabis, you need to keep this in mind that such plants require more lighting. So, it depends upon your requirement range starting from 32 watts up to 80 watts.

13. What are the best LED grow lights?

The best LED Grow lights include Runner Up King Plus 1200W Double Chips, Apollo horticulture GL60LED 300W, Advanced Platinum series P300 300W, etc.

14. Can any LED light be used as a grow light?

A specific range of bulbs can be used as the grow lights which include the fluorescent, incandescent, and the high-intensity bulbs.

15. Can LED lights burn the plants?

LED grow lights can even sometimes burn the plants. It is a wrong concept that these lights cannot damage the plant as unfortunately this light also damages the plants severely.

16. Can I leave my grow light on 24 hours?

Yes, you can leave the lights on for the 24 hours. It will not harm the plant in any way.

17. Are the LED grow lights really worth it?

As per the research report, it is stated that the grow lights are the durable and energy efficient light spectrum which can meet the requirement of the plants. So, it may require a good investment in the beginning but it contributes to the wonderful growth of the plants.

18. Are LED grow lights harmful to humans?

No, LED grow lights are not harmful to humans. But if you use the grow lights around 99 percent of the harmful ultraviolet radiation is being absorbed by the front eye portions.

19. Are grow lights good for humans?

Grow lights have a similar impact as the natural lights to the human health. So, you can say that it depends on the intensity and the color of the lights to much extent.

20. Are 24 hours of light good for plants?

Plants need to be exposed to light for at least 16 hours in a day. However, even 24 hours of light exposure will not have any adverse impact on the health of the plant.

21. Does grow lights work for the people?

To answer it in simple words is yes, grow lights work. However, you need to make sure that you are using the right kind of light and make use of the best grow lights for your indoor gardening purpose.

22. Are grow light effective?

LEDs are more effective ones in promoting the indoor growing process as it fosters the growth rate of the plants quite effectively and efficiently.

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