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Choosing Your Best Log Splitters of Sale – Powerful and Value for Money

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Now with the DIY trends engulfing the globe, woodworking is one of the best activities which is being preferred by many. But you definitely need the best of woodworking accessories like log splitters to make the outcome picture perfect.

8 Best Electric/Mannual Log Splitters

If you browse through the internet for finding the best log splitters, you would be in a quandary regarding the one that will be perfect for you. Do not worry much!

Top 8 Best Log Splitters of Sale – Powerful and Value for Money

Today we are here with 8 of the best log splitters, along with intricate detailing so that you will be able to find out the best of the lot without any hassles.

1. 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

This is one of the most efficient log splitter that you can have which is not only highly productive but also safer than using an axe. It has a brilliant working mechanism and its heavy gauge welded steel material makes it anti corrosive in nature. There are no chances of bodily injury and also all chances of exhaust fumes are eliminated.

It needs to be plugged in and it can be run without assistance. The grip system is comfortable and comprises of 6” tiers so that it can be transported easily to the working area.It comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer so that any kind of repair or replacement.


  • Fast paced mechanism
  • Safety Mechanism implied
  • Efficient working mechanism
  • Low maintenance
  • Portable and easy to handle


  • Not good for huge logs
  • Transmission fluid should be of perfect quality

2. International Forest King

This is one of the best log splitter for sale and it is manually operative by nature. Its working mechanism is based on 2 steel handles so that it is anti corrosive in nature and it has the potential to split the logs till 18 inches long.

Not only that, in order to improve the maneuverability it has 8-5/16 inches Ram Stroke has been implemented in the same. It has the operational motive of horizontal position. The log splitter reviews for this product is the best you can find which is why you could consider buying it at least for once.


  • Two speedy wheels for movability
  • Good for big and huge logs
  • Two levers for easy handling
  • Hydraulic release mob for ample
  • Easy working mechanism so it does not need assistance


  • Not good for logs which are 24 inches long
  • Sometimes due to overuse, it might break some log pieces instead of slicing through it.

3. 5 TON Electric Log Splitter

If you want to have a promising and best log splitter under $1000, then you have to take hold over this product. It is one of the best solutions in the market and it is an amazing collaboration of practicality and performance. It is highly durable and low maintenance so that outdoor working mechanism is easy. It makes the log splitting easy as it has been created by the brilliant experts.

It is highly durable and portable and worked in a very fast-paced manner. It works towards a stable flat surface and it has a lot lesser split time than the other cutters. Also, you can check out list of the best carbon filters you can use for grow room.


  • Hard Splitting force with fast working mechanism
  • It has safety features associated in the same.
  • Its engineering has been done by the professionals
  • Log splitting can be made easy with this device
  • Absolutely light-weight in nature


  • Not good for very hard and sturdy logs
  • The logs with knots cannot be split by the same.

4. Champion Power Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

Among all the other best electric log splitter in the market, it is in the leading position has gained popularity around the globe. It is such equipment that makes the wood cutting a lot easier along with excellent performance.

It has been created by the best of the professionals with ample experience so that log cutting can be made easier. It reduces the working time and it requires low maintenance thus making it highly durable.


  • Fast paced working
  • Inbuilt cooling system to reduce the heat
  • Cast iron creation to increase durability
  • Safety accessories implemented
  • Integration in the log cradle.


  • Needs to be assembled by professionals
  • Cannot be jacked up for long span of time.

5. Boss Industrial Electric Log splitter

This is a world-class innovation that has been able to take log splitting to the next level. It gives ample convenience, because of its portable system and it has the potential of taking huge projects. It gives very harmful cutting indoors and even outdoors

It has a hydraulic system so that the operation is easy and you can do it without assistance. It is one of the best Log splitter for money and comprises of the automatic ram return to bring out the best of the equipment’s. It also comes with a 2 year warranty by the manufacturer and the motor is of 2 Horsepower.


  • High end splitting force
  • Warranty for repair and replace
  • Default hydraulic system for improved performance
  • Efficient motor delivery system
  • Easy one-handed operation


  • More than once operation for log splitting
  • Sometimes the ram might start to get jarred a bit.

6. Sun Joe Log Splitter

This equipment specializes in drinking innovated outlook to the tools, therefore, keeping the home absolutely beautiful and perfect even during the winter season. It comprises of outdoor power equipment which is expanded, and it comprises of the cordless manual as well as Electrical tools.

The tools can be categorized into Lawnmowers, trimmers, tillers and snow blowers- after which you will be able to maintain your yard very easily and get all your outdoor work done. It is very easy to operate and highly durable, which requires very low maintenance. It has efficient performance and its hydraulic system has a great driving force.


  • A powerful driving force
  • The return string can be used for Quick reset of the equipment
  • There is a log cradle which does not let the wood fall off
  • Fast paced working mechanism
  • Highly durable and low maintenance


  • Cannot be used for or long and heavy logs
  • Assembling the product can be a little bit tough.

7. Pow R Kraft 4 ton (15-ampere) electric log splitter

This is a highly reliable and one of the best Kinetic log splitter that can be used for long hours. It has a 1500 watt electric motor which is highly powerful and can be protected against any kind of overload.

It is made up of Steel and has long durability so that it does not require much maintenance. It has the potential to split 20 inches long wood, which can be up to 10 inches in diameter. It has a very strong packaging system so that there is no shipping damage.


  • Highly reliable equipment
  • Constructed out of Steel for resistance to corrosion
  • Highly powered equipment
  • Safety equipment implemented
  • Long working life


  • Resetting required after every splitting
  • In cases of very large logs, there might be some problem in splitting.

8. Horizontal or vertical log splitter

The frictionless world dirty hand tools comprise of a very powerful engine producing 6.5 horsepower. It is highly speedy and it has the potential of handling logs which are up to 25 inches in length.

Also, it will be able to cut logs with the help of 7-inch steel wedge. It is a splitter which comprises of 16 inches dot approved tyres, and the best fact about it is it comes with three or warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Highly reliable and very durable equipment
  • Comes with safety chains so that your safety is not compromised
  • It has optional accessories that is sold alongside the equipments
  • Very fast paced working mechanism
  • Low maintenance and high quality equipment


  • Sometimes the hydraulic system might get jammed
  • The product needs to be assembled carefully and might need assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q 1. I see there are many types of logs splitters. Which one is the best of the lot?

The kind of log splitter that you will have will depend on the kind of project that you are handling. There are different kind of logs glitters like Kinetic, manual, and automatic.

Q 2. How much power should my splitter have?

The kind of Power that your splitter should have depends on the kind of logs that you will be splitting.

If you are sleeping a 6 inch diameter log, then and a small 4 ton log splitter will be enough. But if the logs are two foot wide then you will need a 2230 ton splitter.

Q 3. What are the features I should look for in my Splitter?

You should look for the features like quality, durability, maintenance issues structuralism and working mechanism. Also look whether it has safety equipments.

Q 4. Is there anything else that I should know?

When you are picking out any splitter check out whether it is portable and efficient so that you will be able to work in notes as well as outdoor. Also make sure that it works perfectly in extreme conditions like very high and low temperatures.

Q 5. Is owning a log splitter worth the cost?

If you are owning a log splitter then it is definitely worth the cost because you will be able to do all kinds of woodworking by yourself and you do not have to take any assistance from other workshops. That definitely saves your time and money.

Q 6. What is a log splitter used for?

Logues glitters are basically used for cutting wood trunks and slicing them up so that you can create furnitures out of them. Log splitters are of various kinds and you just have to choose according to your convenience.

Q 7. How big of a log splitter do I need?

The kind of log splitter you will need will definitely depend on the kind of projects you are handling. In case of small projects like small wooden branches you will need a small log splitter. But in case you are indulging in commercial projects you would need a bigger one.

Q 8. How does a log splitter work?

A log splitter can be electric manual and even battery operated. All you have to do is to plug it in and it will start working.

Q 9. What are some of the specifications to keep in mind while purchasing a log splitter?

Some of the specifications that you should keep in mind when you are purchasing a log splitter are as follows

  1. Dimensions
  2. Portability
  3. Weight of the equipment
  4. Horsepower
  5. Safety accessories
  6. What is the difference between horizontal and vertical splitters?

The difference between horizontal and vertical splitters is different only on the basis of the position in which the wooden logs will be cut.

Q 10. What size logs can I split?

If you are buying a small log splitter, then and you can split 6-inch diameter branches, but if it is big, then you will also be able to fly the woods trunks which are 2 to 4 foot wide.

Q 11. What is the various powerful method used in log splitting?

The various power methods used for lock splitting are Kinetic manual and electric. At times it can also be cordless and battery operated.

Q 12. Where will you use it?

If it is small equipment, then you will be able to use it indoors, but if it is a big equipment, then you will be able to use it in the workstation or outdoors.

Q 13. How much force will you need to split your biggest logs?

The nature of force you will need will depend on the Piston area and the pressure that is to be applied to the trunk. There is no definitive force that is to be used and it will depend on the kind of project you are handling.

Q 14. How to properly maintain your log splitter?

The best  ways in which you will be able to maintain the log splitter is to check the hydraulic fluid, cleaning the splitter, sharpening the blades, self-lubricating log splitter applying, storing the log splitter in a dry place, etc.

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