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Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

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Sleeping is a very essential part of human life. When people sometimes categorize sleep as an aspect of leisure and relaxation, it is equally an essential need and necessity.

A human life cannot go on without sleep. Sleeping refreshes the brain and other body parts and ensures a new start every moment after sleep. Likewise, sleeping is a necessity where different components associated with sleep should be sorted very carefully.

Minute concentration should be provided to the bedding, time of sleep and mode of sleeping. It is said that a particular time should be maintained everyday for sleeping. Also sleep is required for minimum seven hours for an adult human being.

Regarding the mode of sleeping, it is said that a straight posture is very good for the total system of human body. Usually specified mattresses and pillows are there for people having bone and muscle diseases. New born babies have a completely different type of bedding system.

Likewise for people diagnosed with spondylitis, a common type of neck pain disorder, rheumatism and other such types of problems. There are even clinically proven mattresses and pillows for them. According to the type of sleepers, the pillows specially are customized.

For example there are two types of sleepers namely side sleepers and back sleepers. People who usually turn and rest on their sides are known as side sleepers. Likewise the back sleepers have got their names. The quality of pillow also changes according to the posture of sleeping. Choosing a correct pillow according to the posture of sleeping is very important. Nowadays a lot of options are available for such types of specialized pillows.

As pillows are one of the most important aspects of sleeping process of human life, it is very important to bestow importance to it. In this article it is endeavored to provide correct notions about pillows,, to give a detailed view of top pillows and to help the customers make their correct choices.

Importance of Pillows

Pillows being one of the chief aspects of sleep hold immense importance. Not giving proper attention to the pillows may cause several problems in the course of life. Clinical Psychologist Michael Breus has clearly mentioned that “Pillows can not only impact the quality of sleep, but also how healthfully we rest and recharge”. Thus just as a good sleep has the capability of curing many ailments from human life, similarly a good pillow is also equally essential in curing ailments.

According to all the famous spine experts and orthopedics, a bad structured pillow can worsen all types of muscle and joint problems like spondylitis, rheumatism and other such joint problems. It also worsens headache, aching in neck and joints besides affecting the quality of sleep.

Also a bad pillow can be the source of numbness and other such problems like sneezing and wheezing. An old pillow may cause breathing problem and even asthma, mainly because of the ruined cotton specks.

Moreover cotton pillows having low quality cottons can be the breeding ground of very small cotton insects, fungi and other such things. It may inevitably cause fungal diseases and other such types of skin problems. Dust mites are inevitably going to rule your bedding. Therefore it is advisable to change your pillow after every twelve to eighteen months or at the most two years.

For buying a new pillow, a lot of thing has to be kept in your mind. But most importantly, always choose your pillow in accordance with your sleeping posture. Few things have to be noted while buying your pillow.

Therefore as it is said, nothing is better than a good night’s sleep, ensure your sleeping procedures all over. Make sure you amend them with proper choices. In the following section of the article, top pillows for back sleepers will be discussed.

Top Pillows

As has been already mentioned, back sleepers require special types of thin pillows for their proper resting process. Also the pillow should be such so as to reduce neck pain and other ailments of the aforementioned section.

If you have a proper pillow, then half of your neck pain or spondylitis will get cured with a correct type of pillow. The list of top pillows for back sleepers is as follows-

1) Xtreme Comforts 100% Bamboo Pillow inside and out

This type of pillow comes with adjustable thickness suited for the back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers.The cover is ultra soft bamboo cover and the inside is filled with the viscose of bamboo. Inner zips are provided to ensure the adjustment of the size to any size you want. It is machine washable so that washing has become easier.

Also, as it is made of bamboo, it remains cooler than feather or cotton. Comfort is what the company has not compromised with its ultra new bamboo pillows and comfort is the TRP of these pillows.

2) Coop Home Made Premium Adjustable Loft

Made in USA, these pillows are seen to be the hot favourite of the customers and users, in a research of 2017. The TRP of these pillows are also their adjustable size. The inside of these pillows are filled with foam, specially the shredded VISCO MEMORY foam.

As a result of which, these pillows can be aligned in any position and it therefore ensures a deeper night sleep. These are guarded with hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Also the best parts of these pillows are that they are made without ozone depleters like formaldehyde, CFCs, mercury, lead and other such poisonous aspects.They are also machine washable and comes with a warranty of five years. Two sizes are available in the web market like the king and the queen sizes.

3)Malouf Z Zoned Memory Foam Pillow

These pillows are armed with a Velour removable cover. It comes with a dough formula that ensures absolute softness. Moreover the softness yet a subtle firmness are incorporated by the fillings of doughier Memory foam.

The pincore design ensures proper alignment and zoned support. The total structure of the pillow eases breathability and pains and helps in a greater pressure relief, minimizing sleeping pain. There are many styles of this certain type of pillow like high soft or firm, high loft and firm, low loft and firm, low loft plush and mid loft plush.

They also provide three types of sizes namely king, queen and standard size.

4) Back to Beauty, anti-wrinkle head cradle

This pillow is very handy and useful. It indeed comes with an anti-wrinkle system and technology. As a result of this, it is known as beauty pillow. It contains no foam or bamboo viscose inside. Nonetheless it contains hypoallergenic for better use during allergies.

The pillow is smaller in size than the ordinary pillows. As a result of this it forms a cradle like shape resting the head and retaining fluffiness. The cradle however is less adjusted and this pillow is suited for back sleepers only. The mode of sleeping on this pillow will ensure that your face lotions remain undisturbed.

It uses a shape that eliminates excessive pressure on neck and head, thereby toning the skin in the certain posture and making it wrinkle free. There is an extra support zone that provides you with all the comforts that are needed. Thus the pillow is suitable not only for a comfortable sleeping posture, it also ensures to keep up to your beauty regimes. The price of this cradle has been quite moderate, available for everyone.

5) Custom sleeping Pillow with Shredded gel memory foam

Like the best ranking pillows, these are also tremendously adjustable. Back sleepers, stomach sleepers and side sleepers, all can use this pillow quite comfortably.

It is armed with an adjustable neck roll. Also there are provisions to adjust the firmness by pulling the fills from one side of the pillow to another. These pillows are particularly designed for people having a regular neck and head pain, so that by eliminating pressure and adjusting to a definite posture, these pillows fit to your shape.

The inside is filled with memory gel foam that provides you with some orthopedic support. You will get the right amount of firmness and softness. It also provides a right amount of posture to your relaxed muscles also. Like the other favorite pillows it is machine washable, is hypoallergenic and is mite and dust resistant. 

6) Classic Brands Cool Sleep Advanced Contour pillow

This pillow is also filled with gel memory foam, having certain orthopedic functions. The inside of the pillow is filled with hundred percent cool-pass fibers. The adjustable shape of the pillow helps to keep the spine and the neck in right alignment. Moreover the cradle like design helps in minimizing the pressure and keeping the head and the neck and the shoulder in right position.

The gel foam helps in minimizing shoulder pain along with neck and back pain. Having hypoallergenic aspect, it should be used by those suffering from allergies of any kind. The pillow cover that comes along with the pillow is extremely efficient in wicking away moisture for a totally comfortable night sleep. Also it helps in keeping the surface of the pillow cool.

However, if you want to put in an extra outer covering, you can do it very easily. The pillow is so adjustable and the size is mundane that it can fit in any pillow size. The original cover of the pillow however is removable and washable. The pillow comes in four shapes as the contour standard, standard shaped, king shaped and queen shaped. This remarkable pillow therefore has a very moderate price, and can be afforded by everyone.

7) Sleep Innovations Cool Contour

Most of the psychologists suggest that the back sleepers choose pillows with surface curves with a neck contour and head divot. These designs of the pillows help in providing right support at the right places. Not only that it also helps in distributing pressures equally all over the head, neck and shoulder. This pressure distribution minimizes the pain to a great deal.

The alienation of spine and neck remains correct throughout the night. In these types of pillows also the inside is filled with memory foam that makes it extremely adjustable for any sleeping posture. Moreover the design helps in keeping then surface cooler. The foam fill inside the pillow, all over, provides a therapeutic purpose.

Even though this pillow is extremely adjustable, it is only for back and side sleepers. The stomach sleepers cannot use this pillow. Also the pillow holds it position throughout the night. The warranty of this pillow is held for five years. The cost of this pillow is fixed at 39 USD. Thus the price is extremely moderate and people with every financial condition are legible to buy it.

Thus for the people categorized as back sleepers, if they follow these certain aspects for their pillow choice, they are bound to get a good life ahead.

Amongst these above types of pillows, we have not included latex pillows. But latex pillows are also very good for back sleepers. They are made of rubber saps and can easily get aligned to the shape of your neck and shoulder. For back sleepers it is very important to check the malleability.

The more malleable the pillow is, the better it is for your neck and shoulder muscles. Also the firmness should be in right proportion along with the softness. The inside material is important and the longevity should be maintained very carefully.  After the expiry, the pillow should definitely be exchanged for a better one.

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