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Top 10 Best Pregnancy Maternity Body Pillows Reviews

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It is true that pregnancy is one of the most rewarding experiences for every woman. But undeniably it involves a lot of suffering on the part of the pregnant lady at the same time. For example having a sound sleep during pregnancy becomes quite difficult a task because for every pregnant women.

As the pregnancy progresses expanding your stomach it gets extremely troublesome to lie comfortably on the bed. No matter whether you sleep on your back or on your side, neither seems comfortable.

Thankfully pregnancy pillows address this issue quite an effective manner as they support the body of a pregnant lady at bed in such a way that it becomes easier for her to get cozy and enjoy a nice sleep.

Actually, there are different kinds of pregnancy pillows available in the market at present and they feature different supporting styles. So you may find it a bit difficult to determine as to which kind of pregnancy pillows will be actually the most suitable one for you.

But don’t worry; just go through this article as it will be of much help to you in your quest for the best pregnancy pillows and choose the right one for yourself.

1. C Shape Full Body Pillow from PharMeDoc

This is truly one of the best pregnancy pillows and offers the best possible comfort to a pregnant body. The pillow is stuffed with 100% hollow fiber polyester that makes it soft yet firm. It is wisely designed in C shape to offer greater support to the body no matter whether you sleep on your back or on your side. The pillow weighs only 7 pounds and comes with a dimension of 24*24*4 inches.

It is free from all kinds of harmful materials such as latex, phthalate and Bisphenol. Moreover it is fully hypoallergenic and resistant to dusts and mites. Thus it is absolutely safe both for the mother and the baby.

Since it is made of breathable material it never gets hot. To add to its line of benefits the pillow is extremely helpful in reducing your back pain as well. The pillow comes with a user manual and 100% money back guarantee. The product is designed in California but manufactured in China. Gift wrapping is available if you need it for your loved ones.

2. J Shape Pregnancy Pillow from Restorology

This is also a highly efficient pillow meant for the pregnant women. The J shape design is quite effective in providing the required support and comfort to a pregnant body. It is best to be used from the beginning of the third trimester. The pillow can be washed and dried in machine without any concern for damage. It comes with a white colored zippered cover which is totally removable and can be washed in machine.

Due to its breathable materials you never feel hot or uncomfortable at night. Moreover it provides a perfect alignment to your spine so that you don’t have to wake up in

 the morning with pains in neck or shoulder. Weighing only 6 pounds it can be moved easily from one place to another by the pregnant ladies. In addition to the pregnant ladies the pillow can be very helpful also for the patients recovering after an operation. You get a 30 days money back warranty and a user manual along with the pillow.

3. GZYF Today’s Mom U shape Pregnancy Pillow

This one is an extremely comfortable option both for the mother and the baby inside the womb. It is designed to comfortably fit the extended tummy as well as the other body parts. You can continue using this wonderful pillow even after the arrival of your baby on the world because it can be quite helpful in peeping your infant in proper position as you breastfeed him or her.

The covering of the pillow is made of a nice blend of cotton and hollow fiber polyester and features a thread

count of 200. It is one of the top rated pillows in Amazon. Apart from the expecting mothers, those suffering from joint and back pain can also use the product for an effectual result. The dimension of the product is 55*31.5*9.8 inches and it is around 5 pounds in weight. You can avail gift wrapping option with the product if you require.

4. J Shape Pregnancy Contoured Body Pillow from ComfySure

This high quality body pillow is highly effective in relieving a number of pains and aches as well as stresses. Just like the previous product this one is also recommended to be used even after the birth of the baby. It is not only hypoallergenic but also highly resistant to mite and dusts. The J shape structure is ideal for wrapping or resting your legs comfortably and adding a snug pillow on the top.

The pillow is highly breathable and air flows well through it. The weight of your body gets distributed evenly along the pillow offering you a very soothing experience. The product measures 56 inches in length, 28 inches in width and 7 pounds in weight.

The pillow is packed with high grade polyester and can easily be machine washed. Use the delicate cycle and use cold water to wash it in the machine. The white zippered cover is also machine-washable. The pillow is often recommended to those with arthritis, sciatica, heart burn, fibromyalgia and a number of other problems.

5. U Shape Pregnancy Pillow from Sleepy Folks

This versatile body pillow could be extremely useful for the conceiving ladies. The U shape pillow easily converts into an L shape pillow with the removal of a zipper. And when done so the removed part can be used additionally as a head pillow. Due to its unique design it is also a top selling product on Amazon. The pillow is constructed with high quality hollow fiber polyester to yield the perfect comfort and softness.

Being extremely soft and smooth it facilitates enhanced blood flow which is good both for you and your baby.

The outer cover is made of 100% cotton and is totally hypoallergenic. Due to its quality breathable material you never feel sweaty or uncomfortable during sleep. Moreover it is antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Keep on using it for cuddling and nursing after the baby is born. The dimension of the pillow is 28*17*5 inches and it seems a bit heavier with around 9 pounds of weight. The company offers a 3 year warranty along with 30 days money back assurance in case you are not satisfied with the product.

6. Pregnancy Pillow Wedge from Hiccapop

This memory foam maternity pillow is highly suitable to be used during the pregnancy phase. It offers a firm support to your tummy, knees and back as you sleep in your pregnancy. The pillow is wrapped with a lush velboa cover which can be washed after removing from the pillow. Having been colored in charcoal grey it looks quite appealing too.

The two sides of the pillow are differently designed to offer it a versatile attribute. So choose whichever side suit your best comfort. Its tummy supporting design facilitates better comfort to your abdomen and other body parts as well. It relieves your body as you place it behind your back or betwixt your knees.

Moreover if you are a sufferer of nerve pain it will prove helpful in relieving that too. It is simultaneously effective for side and back sleepers.

You can take it along with you when you visiting somewhere with the help of the carry bag that comes with it. Use it on the bed, recliner, sofa as well as in the car. Tiny perforated openings present although the wedge promotes better air flow and prevent development of moisture. The dimension of the pillow is 13.25*15*4.5 inches and it comes with a life-time warranty.

7. Leachco Snoogle Horseshoe Shape Total Body Pillow

This great product in addition to offering you the ultimate comfort also adds elegance to your bedroom décor with its attractive ivory color. The filling material made of quality polyester is out and out hypoallergenic and free from all sorts of harmful substances. And due to its breathable fillings it is highly comfortable at the same time.

The cover features a fine admixture of cotton and polyester. The patented horseshoe design is extremely effective in providing the best support which you need on those days. The ergonomic shape goes well with your body curves right from the head down to the toes. The middle part is made extra long for offering enhanced tummy support.

The pillow is beneficial in reducing GERD and heartburn which are often common when the baby matures and kicks your stomach. The cover made of premium cotton offers a soothing sensation to your skin and is machine washable. The dimension of the product is 60*24.8*7.2 inches and it weighs just 3 pounds.

8. Alternative Down Pregnancy Pillow from Cheer Collection

This high class pregnancy pillow is made of premium quality down and comes in different shapes. This is another top seller product on Amazon. The product is popular for several reasons such as quality support, enhanced comfort, shape variance as well as pressure relief. This luxurious pillow filled with top class microfiber really offers the pleasure of sleeping onto the clouds. It can be molded and squished in accordance with your desire to offer you the optimum level of ease and comfort.

Being truly hypoallergenic and fully resistant against dust and mites you will never have to worry about any health issues related to you and your baby. On the contrary just be assured of the comfort and support which you look for in a pregnancy pillow. As for the dimensions it is 24*14.7*7.2 inches and its weight is around 9.5 pounds. Gift wrapping is available if you are to present it to your dear ones.

9. VISCO Love ProComf Memory Foam Pregnancy Wedge

This product is truly a perfect choice for pregnant women however those suffering from muscle pains and tensions can try it to fight those issues. The cover is made of 100% pure cotton and can be safely washed in machines. The quality elastic foam helps the pillow to stay firm throughout its life and prevents it from turning hard with overuse.

It is made lightweight so that it can be easily carried wherever you go during your pregnancy. You can raise your knees and put it underneath to offer yourself a highly comfortable support.

Moreover you can also use it to support your baby in an efficient way. The cover breathes extremely well and allows greater air circulation to ensure that you 

never have to feel sweaty or uncomfortable. The pillow is amazingly light and weighs just 1.4 pounds. The dimension is 12.3*11.1*4.1 inches. The product is made in Turkey and a 3 year warranty is provided with it. You can have it packed through gift wrapping if you choose to.

10. U Shape Pregnancy Body Pillow from Queen Rose

This full body maternity pillow is one of the best sellers in Amazon and comes with several color variants such as blue and pink combo, white, solid blue and solid pink. The pillow is considerably large both in width and length and hence highly conducive to enhanced comfort and support.

As for the filling it is premium 100% polypropylene which is highly efficient in terms of softness and comfort. The cover made of quality cotton offers a nice and cozy sensation as you cuddle it.

Moreover it is also quite beneficial for the victims of ailments such as gastric reflux, fibromyalgia, heartburn, GERD as well as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Again those prone to allergies and asthmatic problems can use this pillow to avoid those issues. And it is extremely soft and cozy at the same time. The dimension of the product is 55.1*31.5*7.8 inches whereas the weight is 6.8 pounds. You can wash the outer cover but not the pillow itself. So avoid using the pillow when the cover is removed for washing purposes.

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