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Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

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A sound sleep at night is enormously important for our body to keep working for the whole day. This is because it is this sleep that restores the capacity of the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems which got exhausted after the day’s hard toil and make them ready to work for the next day.

It also plays an active part with regards to enhancing our immune system. Again a right body posture is equally important to ensure a nice sleep at night. And only a perfect pillow can offer that right posture especially in case of the side sleepers. In fact it is a good position for those who snore at night and have sleep apnea. So in this article we will search for some of the best pillows intended for the side sleepers.

1) Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Good Life Essentials

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is certainly one of the perfect choices for the side sleepers because it has got almost all the attributes that is essential for these kinds of sleepers. Inside the pillow there are many pieces of the memory foam instead of a single big chunk. The advantage of using the pieces in place of a solid chunk is that the pieces allow the pillow to assume any shape as per your preference.

It also helps the air to move about fluently keeping the inner chamber fresh and cool all the time. The USA made memory foam used in the pillow offers a luxurious support to your head and neck when you sleep on you. Moreover being hypoallergenic it also keeps the dust and mites away ensuring you a trouble free sleep all the night long.

The quality of the outer casing is also quite important and hence should not be overlooked. In this case it is made of a perfect blend of superior bamboo fabric and polyester mixed up in an equal proportion.  And bamboo as we know is defiant to high temperature and body heat. So this blend not only makes the surface adequately cool and soothing for sleep but also extremely durable as well.

2) Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Coop Home Goods

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is also a popular choice for the side sleepers both in terms of the inner fillings as well as the outer cover. It is firm and thick and therefore never flattens out during your sleep at night. There is not a single denying that every sleep position requires right support but in case of side sleepers it is all the more important as this posture is rather susceptible to pains and aches in absence of right amount of support. And that is what Shredded Memory Foam Pillow keeps in mind. 

In other words it offers outstanding support and also keeps your spine rightly aligned as you sleep on you. The pillow is made using high quality CertiPur – US foam. This USA made foam not only extremely comfortable but also hypoallergenic and mite resistant as well. Again it is totally free from mercury, lead and other metals. 

And due to this quality memory foam you don’t have to reposition the foam during your sleep either to get comfy which is a bit difficult for solid foam chunk. Moreover it also facilitates adequate air flow to keep a pillow cool all through the night.

The outer cover is made of quality bamboo fabric which both comfortable and eco friendly. It is soft and luxurious as well. The bamboo fibres are smooth and long and hence don’t bunch up resulting in a course surface.

3) Down Alternative Pillow from Five Star

Down Alternative Pillow with its refined comfort and enhanced support can be a perfect stuff for side sleepers. It is extremely soft and lush and hence can offer you the best quality sleeping experience. The long sides of this comfy pillow reach to 25 inches offering an outstanding support to the back and neck of a side sleeper.

The sides also feature two gussets that don’t allow the pillow to lose its own shape even with overuse which often happens in case of many other pillows. They also retain the inner materials in place irrespective of how much you move about in your sleep. The pillow is also good at keeping off back strain during sleep.

As for the outer casing it is made of pure cotton with 300 thread count. It is also easy to wash which helps you keep it clean all the time and thus stay hygienic. Moreover it is hypoallergenic hence there is no concern about mold, mite, pollen buildups.

A small downside of this pillow is that the interior material i.e. down alternative is a bit prone to absorb the body heat. But the problem can be dealt with by fluffing up the pillow when you feel wormer. Some also find it a little thicker than what is required. However it is ideal for those looking for an extra height.

4) Beyond Down Side Sleeper Pillow from Sleep Better

Beyond Down Side Sleeper Pillow provides a full fledged support system that not only helps you sleep better but also ensures that you wake up with zero pain or aches. It fully molds to your body posture offering a good supportive frame to your neck and head. It also keeps up the proper alignment of your spine throughout the night.

The extra wide gussets of the pillow are having two unyielding ridges creating a stable framework which never collapses throughout the night. And this is especially required for the side sleepers as their shoulder girdle leaves a large space between the head and the mattress.

But the firm thick sides of the pillow always keep the head in a comfortable position thereby avoiding the chances of muscle strain and other related injuries. And all these make it a perfect pillow for the side sleepers.

Inside the pillow you will find a micro fiber bag filled with flexible gel which actually enables the pillow to shape up and synchronize with your neck. The fine fibers also let the air to move about freely minimizing the chances of heating up through body touch. The same thing keeps away bacteria and moisture to promote a healthy and hygienic sleeping experience.   The pillow is easily washable and a gentle cycle is recommended keeping the delicate inner material in mind.

5) Snuggle Pedic Bamboo Combination Memory Foam Pillow

This is another highly useful pillow intended for the side sleepers. In fact it is good for any other sleeping positions as well. The memory foam used in this pillow is of excellent quality and provides perfect support to your neck and spine. And needless to say it is extremely comfortable also.

The shredded memory foam is good at maximizing the airflow and also allows you to shape the pillow according to your choice. This “shape-ability” trait of the memory foam is quite in keeping with the side sleepers which means you can use it in a number of ways – use it for supporting your back, keep them between your knees, hold it on your chest or place your head on it. And in every case you will feel fine.

The casing of the pillow is created through a blend of three different materials namely bamboo, Lycra and polyester. It features numerous micro vents to facilitate easy air circulation and keep the pillow cool for the whole night. 

And bamboo having considerable absorption capacity does not let sweat or moisture to attract bacteria on the pillow.This versatile pillow manufactured in the USA comes with a 90 days money back guarantee. That means you get enough time to test its quality in every way possible. Moreover there is also a 20 year warrantee meaning if anything happens to it (such as tears, rips etc) within this 20 years time the company will replace it with a fresh piece without charging a penny.

6) Iso Cool Memory Foam Pillow from Sleep Better

Iso Cool Memory Foam Pillow could be another good option for the side sleepers. Its thick and resilient cushioning provides enormous support to your spine and neck and also offers your head an opulently soft and padded experience. As a matter of fact a thick and supportive pillow is essential for a side sleeper in order to put your head in proper alignment with the spine. And that is why Iso Cool Memory Foam Pillow is five and half inches in thickness and comes wrapped in a shape-maintaining outer casing.

Moreover the sides are sewed up with double corded gussets placed evenly apart in order to keep up the perfect shape of the pillow.The casing is produced by 100% cotton fabric with 300 thread count that gives it a touch of excellence and reminds you of the hotel quality casings. Moreover it promotes enough air circulation and also keeps bacteria away offering you a healthy and peaceful sleep.

One small downside of the memory foam pillows is that it gives off a strong offensive odor for two to three days after it is taken out of the package. However the smell gradually goes away if the pillow is kept in a well ventilated place for first few days.

7) Original Waterbase Pillow from Mediflow

Mediflow’s Original Waterbase Pillow provides you the accurate level of rigidity to ensure a nice and comfortable sleep at night. It also gives you the perfect sleeping posture when you sleep on you. It is made from a high quality material using best sleep technology. This has resulted in a pillow which is extremely flexible yet luxurious. It has been approved by John Hopkins University for its outstanding excellence.

The water based pillow preserves its shape throughout the night and smoothly syncs with your body when you shift positions. Moreover the inner water holds on the weight of your head and neck very effectively to offer you an easeful sleep.The pillow equips a water chamber which you can fill in accordance with your desired level of water to get a precise height profile so that your head perfectly aligns with the spine.

You need not add any chemical to maintain the freshness of the water. Since nothing can pass through the quality padding there is no scope of the water to get contaminated. Surprisingly it can stay as it is for around a year or so without having to refill. The water chamber is covered up by a dense layer of polyester which creates a comfortable cushion to support your head.

The outer casing is made up of superior high count cotton that stays soft and cool all through the night. And you can easily wash it on a frequent basis for a clean healthy sleeping experience.

8) Buckwheat Pillow from ComfyComfy

Buckwheat Pillow makes itself a highly useful pillow for the side sleepers by virtue of its customizable sleep support. Moreover those who suffer from neck and back problem can try this pillow for better results. This handmade pillow manufactured in the USA bears the marks of perfect construction and craftsmanship in each of its part.

The pillow features an inner chamber where you can put buckwheat in an amount that best suits your profile. As a side sleeper you must feel it considerably to attain the proper sleep support. Notably the buckwheat used in this pillow is all USA grown. This kind of pillow was originally developed in Japan, but due to its adjustable support it is getting more and more popular all over the world.

The outer cover is all cotton and organic. It includes a hidden zipper which is makes it convenient to access the inner chamber and looks great as well. The cover offers enough comfort through greater air circulation and keeps allergies and bacteria away as well. Finally the pillow comes in as many as four different sizes to suit different body sizes. As for the down side the pillow is a bit heavier and clumsy when compared to any other pillows in this list.

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