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Best Pillows for Sleep Apnea Reviews and Buying Guides

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Sleeping just like eating, exercising and working, is a very essential part of human life. Sleeping is a process where the whole body system gets rest and rejuvenates itself to freshly imbibe in some other process. Brain which is considered to be one of the most essential parts of human body, does the maximum work. Hence it needs rest to restore its capability for working afresh. This rest is acquired by human beings in the form of sleep. The brain tires itself out and demands rest and hence the people feel sleepy and fall asleep. Thus sleeping is an important factor in human life. Not only is it a form of relaxation, but also necessity or need.

Doctors prescribe unhindered seven hours of sleep for the adults and at least eight to nine hours of sleep for the younger people. For getting an unhindered sleep, a lot of concentration has to be provided to the factors associated with sleeping. Extreme importance is needed to be given to the mattresses and the pillows for the different types of sleepers. Not only that there are many sleep related diseases like muscle cramps, sleep aches and sleep apnea which can be cured to a great deal through the proper amendment of the sleeping accessories.

In this article we are endeavoring to provide a guide to the disease called sleep apnea and what types of pillows are needed to be used by people diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a very common yet unique type of disease that a person faces in his sleep. It is mainly the condition of shallow or disruptive breathing by the sleeping person. This causes loud snoring and sometimes snorting and choking sound. Each pause usually continues for few seconds but may get dragged to even one minute also.

The hindrance in the path of breathing may take place due to enlarged tonsils, obesity, heart problems and heart failures. In children it may also be the outcome of hyper activity. There are usually three types of sleep apnea namely obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea and another form which is the mixture of the above two types of sleep apneas. The risk factor in the disease is usually very high.

It can be indicative of a weak and poor heart, which requires immediate diagnosis. Moreover the choked breathing may persist for a long time (especially in acute conditions) and this might even end up in death or severe stroke or heart attack. Therefore, people diagnosed with sleep apnea are advised to get recovered from the disease immediately. There are special types of pillows found to combat with sleep apnea. In the following section of this article, we are going to discuss in details the function of a worthy pillow in the disease and the different types of pillows available in the market, especially designed for sleep apnea.

SensorGel Cool Fusion

The pillows for sleep apnea are indeed very effective and worthy. They have been specially designed by the companies for rectifying the diagnosed person’s sleeping postures. Sleeping posture plays a very important part in curing your sleep apnea to a great deal. The pillows for this disease help you to sleep at your side with utmost comfort. Sleeping in sides is important for an enhanced respiratory process. Moreover keep in mind that the condition of sleep apnea increases if you sleep at your back. Try to prevent sleeping at your back. Some of the best pillows for sleep apnea are-

1. Endurimed CPAP Comfort Pillow

After lots of had researches, the Endurimed CPAP Comfort Pillow has needlessly won the topmost position in buyers’ guide for the best pillow for sleep apnea. This pillow is a wonder for people wanting Continuous Positive Air Pressure Therapy, thereby helping to get rid of sleep apnea. It is extremely comfortable and equally effective

for both stomach and side sleepers. This pillow has a unique capability of being both strong and firm at the same time. It is firm enough to keep the proper neck and spine alignment, yet soft enough to provide comfort and unhindered sleep. The memory foam used inside this pillow is of extremely high quality that creates the best contour pillow design. The size of these pillows is also excellent, fitting all the mattresses and needs. You can easily use the standard pillow case or the custom cover without fretting about it. Also this pillow helps you to sleep with relaxed facial pressures and prevents snoring and the discomfort of sleeping masks.

Moreover its instant use quality makes it endearing to all the patients of sleep apnea. When you are using this pillow, there is no need for you to constantly stuff and refill your pillows to make it easier for you to breathe. The pillow is also used for post-thoracic plastic or orthodontic surgery to derive utmost comfort from it. It comes with the qualities of all the sleep accessories that you require along with the pillows. The price for this wonder pillow for sleep apnea is fixed at just 49 USD, which is indeed very low and affordable.

2. Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

In the case of sleep apnea, neck support is given considerable importance much like the sleeping posture. Hence no pillow pays more attention the Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow. Hence this comes second in our list of some of the best pillows for sleep apnea. It maintains a well support system for the neck. The pillow looks a bit odd, but the service it provides is brilliant.

The centre of this pillow has a trough where the head fits extremely well. This pillow is available for back and side sleepers also. The trough like centre enhances the comfort level even more. However this pillow is not suitable for stomach sleepers. It maintains the support for neck very well, minimizing the pressures in head and spine.

Also the alignment of the spine and the neck remains perfect. As can be judged from the name, the pillow indeed provides a therapeutic purpose and helps in minimizing not only the condition of sleep apnea but also aches in sleeps and muscle cramps. It is available in different sizes. Hence there is no need to worry about your fitting into the trough. The sizes are varying like king size, moderate and queen size.

The colours are usually available only in different shades of white. There is only the customized cover that can be obtained along with the pillow, specifically when it is bought. However the higher average price is worthy of the functions it offers.

3. Womfy So Comfy Pillow

This pillow has been chosen to occupy the third position in our list for the top five best pillows to combat sleep apnea. We all have by now come to know that side sleeping helps in reducing sleep apnea and this pillow ensures it. It is a bit small in size but extremely effective. It is made of bamboo jersey pillow case and contains memory and gel foam inside it.

One very important factor about this pillow is that you can adjust its thickness by attaching or removing a riser. This in some cases is considered to be a benefit and sometimes a drawback. This pillow also ensures no ear pains for sensitive ear lobes, freshly pierced ear lobes or ear lobes having some other problems. The pillow is designed in such a unique way that it helps in equalizing the air pressure from ear buds and ear holes in all directions, thereby providing utmost comfort and safety.

This pillow is designed with anti-compression contour that helps in limiting the forehead creases and prevents the problems of sinus and other respiratory obstructions. This pillow gives you a chance to monitor your head’s shape, however in a superficial level. The pillow comes in a bicolour mode and looks very colourful.

There are two types of this pillow namely medium thick and medium soft. You will get ensured comfort, style and effectiveness all blended beautifully in these pillows. Most of the doctors and psychologists, suggest these pillows for sleeping at night. It not only helps in keeping your head and spine and neck in perfect position, but also minimizes pressures in face, ears and mouths. Needless to say, the comfort offered by these pillows is utmost. The price of these pillows is fixed at 69 USD that is extremely affordable for pillows providing all these remarkable qualities.

4. Hermell Cooling Gel Pillow

Hermell Cooling gel pillow occupies the fourth position in our list for pillows for sleep apnea. Though memory foams are considered to be the best materials for the inside fillings of a pillow, many people deny so. This is mainly because the memory makes you feel hot. So if you want a cool night, these pillows are perfect for you.

The cooling is usually brought about by the use of a cooling gel used along with the memory gel that will not make you feel hot and let you sleep comfortably all night. The pillows from Hermall cooling gel pillow are designed for both CPAP and BiPAP users. Moreover the gel used along with the memory gel is latex free. This is indeed a great move as latex can be the cause of many different allergies and sicknesses.

The gel therefore has zero toxicity level. Another very important aspect of these pillows is that they come with a washable cover. This reduces the problems posed by the interchanging of the covers of the non-washable pillow covers. These pillows are very suitable for side sleepers as well as back sleepers. The comfort level of these pillows however is very high. The price of these pillows is about 142 USD, which is a bit higher compared to some of the best quality pillows.

5. Sensorpedic Sensor Gel Pillow

The Sensorpedic Sensor Gel pillows are the most favourite amongst the customers for the best contours they provide in their designs. Side sleeping is very important for minimizing sleep apnea as side sleeping provides an unobstructed pathway for breathing. These pillows help in ensuring a proper side sleeping by aligning the neck and the head in a perfect way.

More importantly, these pillows have two different ranges of contour height that allows you to choose accordingly and obtain your utmost comfort. The pillow uses gel infused memory foam that helps to reduce the heat generated by ordinary memory foams.

Therefore it ensures a very cool and comfortable night. There is not much colour variety in these pillows. Moreover the pillows are a bit bulky and lack the style, but the features are not compromised in the bit. Moreover the pillows contain the best feature of being hypo allergenic. Thus they can be used in the conditions of allergies or other sensitive skin types.

The covers provided in these pillows are usually made of rayon or polyester. These pillows are also very popular amongst the orthopedics and most doctors recommend them for curing your sleep apnea as well as muscle cramps that occur in the dark. The price of these pillows is fixed at 350 USD. The pillows are a bit too expensive in comparison with the best quality pillows. Nonetheless if you buy one, the price is worthy of the qualities the pillows come with.

Do sleep apnea pillows work?

There are certain key features that every sleep apnea pillow comes with. Hence the answer to the above question is yes, the sleep apnea pillows do work for curing the illness. But they work best for the people having OSA or obstructive sleep apnea. Some key features of these pillows are the firmness in the neck support that they provide. Hence the softness and the firmness these pillows provide ensure an easy breathing process. Moreover these pillows ensure a side sleeping posture that is effective for curing sleep apnea.

When you sleep in your back, the tongue and the mouth palette drop backwards towards the throat, causing an obstruction. Thus side sleeping is required which these pillows provide. Also the comfort provided by these pillows is no less than any other pillow. While buying and choosing your pillow for sleep apnea ensures the comfort level very carefully. As maximum of these pillows are made of foam, they tend to get hot. So while examining the pillows, try to research about the various qualities foam and the cooling gel.

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