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Best Camera and Lighting Equipments for Make-up Artists

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Buying a new camera is no doubt a daunting task so as to say. It becomes even more difficult when you are to buy a camera which is intended for a special purpose such as fashion photography. This is the kind of camera used by the makeup artists to capture their creative works.

Therefore you must first of all have some ideas and information on what kind of stuff you exactly need for this purpose.

Essential features of a camera used by makeup artists: Under mentioned are some indispensable qualities that a fashion photography camera must possess–

  1. Macro Settings: This feature lets you have enhanced details of a close-up objects. This is a “must” for the make artists as they often require extreme close up shots of a particular facial part, for example eyes. Without this feature such shots would not be as prominent as they are expected to be.
  2. Adjustable Screen: The adjustable screen lets you take compose shots in a convenient way. This is required in situations where glimpsing through the viewfinder is not virtually possible. At the same time it also helps you take micro shots of close up objects from multiple angles as often required in fashion field.
  3. Improved light sensitivity: Despite some exceptions fashion photography is shot in indoor areas. Evidently you must have a camera with an enhanced light sensitivity that will ensure quality shots at every click.
  4. HD quality: Makeup artist cannot compromise on image quality at any cost. Therefore their camera must capture excellent shots at an invariable basis. And this requires a high end HD camera with enhanced resolutions.
  5. Inter-changeable lenses: A camera that can swap among different lenses widens the opportunity of capturing various kinds of shots more efficiently and artistically.

DSLR Camera, the ultimate weapon for the makeup professionals

All these things taken together we can say that a good DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera is required by the makeup artists to meet their professional requirements. This is because their quality is better in terms of both still photo as well as video. They present true colors and rich details by virtue of their powerful sensor.

They are also extremely adaptable because of their multiple manual settings and interchangeable lenses. And as a makeup artist you will require all these in a single camera. In a sentence they are indispensable in the professional field. Here we list some of the best suited cameras for the makeup artists.

1) Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera:

This is one of the top rated models and is highly applauded by camera critics. Truly it has some unique features which are scarcely to be found in others.

You can change its lenses to get the desired shot in different situations. Moreover you can utilize lenses made by other brands as well which multiplies its adaptability even farther. In fact this model is highly liked by YouTube vloggers.

2) Canon 70D:

It is another extensively used model in the fields of fashion photography. Due to its high brand value and host of useful features it preferred by eminent fashion vloggers like Zoella for their makeup video. Like most high end camera it has got a 3 inch touch panel along its flip screen.

Its 20 mega pixel sensor is efficient enough to yield best quality photo and videos creating a great appeal in the minds of your target audience. It has in fact all the qualities that can be expected out of a professional camera.

3) Nikon D810:

It might be a little older model but still worth buying for its great built and features. Its full frame CMOS sensor and 36.3 MP resolutions yields stunning quality picture with matchless details. Its true HD videos are most suitable for streaming fashion tutorials.

4) Canon EOS Rebel T5i:

Since its release Rebel T5i has been the most sought after model for makeup artists and YouTube beauty vloggers.

It is also used by prominent fashion vloggers such as Kandee Johnson and Aspyn Ovard in YouTube. Its 18 MP resolutions and APS-C sensor works wonder in capturing close-up facial shots.Moreover its enhanced ISO (upto 25600) facilitates great shots even in low lights.

Again it has an external microphone port which is very convenient for best quality vlogging for makeup tutorials.

5) Nikon D5600:

This model could be another great option for makeup artists. With 24 mega pixels of resolutions and 39 point AF it is highly useful in the fields of fashion photography. 

Moreover its Bluetooth adaptability and external microphone are quite in keeping with vlogging purpose. No wonder therefore that it is a all time favourite for the YouTube vloggers.

6) Sony Alpha 77 II:

This model is best known for its higher ISO quality. Moreover its well built body and LCD viewfinder are some of its additional benefits. Its control layout is also excellent. Finally its Wi-Fi connectivity and a convenient PC sync socket make it all the more desirable for fashion vloggers and makeup artists.

Lighting Equipments

For the makeup artists having a quality camera is no doubt extremely important. However that is not the end of the task. There is another thing which is equally significant and that is lighting. This is because lighting has a big role to play in this field.

In fact you must have wondered at some point of time how these makeup artists and professional photographers achieve flawless image and video without any trace of shadow or blemish in them. Yes, that is achieved by the experts through the application of properly planned lighting. And that is one of the secrets of successful photography.

If you really want highly detailed sharp images as required in such photography even a good quality camera cannot make it alone. You must resort to additional lighting for this purpose. And when buying the camera you must save some amount to be invested for the lighting kit.

But don’t worry; it is not such a big deal. The lighting used by the fashion vloggers or makeup artists is quite affordable so as to say. Moreover here is a guideline for you with regards to buying lighting equipments.

We have elaborately discussed different types of lighting equipments all having their respective advantages and utilities.

Ring Lights

The main objective of ring light is to eliminate the shadows and make the details more distinct by throwing the light from all directions. In other words it is a non-directional lighting. You must keep in mind that the main light must be uniform in nature. Ring lights are extremely versatile and work well in most of the cases.

They are equally suitable for makeup artists. You have to ensure that no shadow comes in the way of your subject. Secondly you need to create some highlights. This refers to unlocking certain details which are reachable only when proper flash is applied on the face of the subject.

It also creates an effect of diffused light offering a natural look to the subject. Another important thing about ring light is that it lends a luminous ring to the subject’s eyes giving it a very attractive appearance.

Additionally it gives a feel of sitting in front of a camera in a well equipped professional studio. This kind of light is often utilized by many makeup vloggers to attain the desired effect. Here we have mentioned a couple of ring lights that are largely used.

1. LimoStudio Ring Light AGG 1774 (18”):

This is one of the most popular ring lights used by the makeup vloggers. It comes with a light-stand, a diffuser and a shoe mount screw for the camera. You also get a carrying bag along with it. The most important feature of it is that the light is dimmable. 

In fact it has three luminous levels i.e. low, mid and high. You can use them alternatively based on the situational demands. This provides you with the opportunities of working in various lighting conditions as well as creating different lighting effects.

2. Neewer Camera Photo/Video Flash Light (18” outer & 14” inner):

This is one of the most popular ring lights used by the makeup vloggers. It comes with a light-stand, a diffuser and a shoe mount screw for the camera. You also get a carrying bag along with it. The most important feature of it is that the light is dimmable. 

In fact it has three luminous levels i.e. low, mid and high. You can use them alternatively based on the situational demands. This provides you with the opportunities of working in various lighting conditions as well as creating different lighting effects.

Fill Light or Background Light, another essential element for the professionals.

So far you have been able to grasp the utility of the ring light. But that is not enough for a professional makeup artist. If only the ring light is used, it is sure to create a silhouetted background as an inevitable result.

And this can look awkward and unprofessional and will be looked upon as a major fault. Now the only way to get rid of it is to engage a background light. And applying the both in a simultaneous way can resolve your issue to a greater extent if not fully.

Lighting Kit, the complete lighting solution

However if you want a complete lighting solution through a single unit, you will have to invest some extra amount for buying a lighting kit. Once you buy this kit you will have to make no other investment for lighting purpose. Let’s check out a couple of them –

1. Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit by LimoStudio LMS103 (600W):

This one of the good examples of a powerful lighting kit. It comes with everything that you will require for making a pro quality photo shoot or a professional makeup tutorial. The unit is equipped with three lights – two of them can be used in association with the umbrellas to combat the face shadows while the third one is to be used for background illumination.

An important point to note here is that if there is still shadowy effect on the background even after applying the background light you will need to move the lights closer to the background wall to overcome the issue. And move it farther from the wall if the background looks over-exposed. 

Another notable advantage of having this kit is that you can shoot at any time of the day; day or night to be precise. Remember only a good lighting kit can give you soft shadow-less background which is a “must” in the professional arena.

2. EACHSHOT Es240 Kit (55W):

This is another full kit comprising of filters, light stands and mounts. However it is considerably less efficient than the previous one in terms of output. We have intentionally provided two lighting kits with different power output so that you can choose the one that best suits your purpose.

There are two filters- one is orange and the other white. It is made up of 240 LEDs and hence the name ES240. A great advantage of LED is that it emits very little heat as compared to the conventional bulbs. Moreover it also consumes less energy.

However the only downside is the higher price. Another thing is that unlike conventional lights LEDs are not replaceable. Although they are made to last longer.  A carrying bag is also provided with it.

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