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Top 10 Cheapest 4K Video Cameras

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The act of sharing a video story is a growing trend these days. Podcasts, webinars and recently facebook live have taken vlogging or video blogging to new heights. However, the choice of the right gear is very essential in this matter.  While the market is filled with alluring choices, many vloggers especially the newbies will look for something that is not only best but also comes at a pocket friendly price. This article aims at guiding the buyers with an array of top 10 cheapest 4k video cameras to serve their need.

If you‘ve been purchasing for a camera recently you may probably have seen the term ‘4K video’ plastered on store shows and even written on the labels stuck at the the front of merchandise. 4K is a video specification that actually simply approach ‘4,000′. It receives its call from the approximately 4,000 pixels of width of the pictures.

1. Sony A6300

Sony A6300 features 4D focus which aims at tracking fast moving objects quickly and correctly. The camera has the world’s fastest auto focus with 4.25 points AF phase detection. It has 24.2MP EXMOR CMOS sensor. The ISO ranges from 100 to 51200. The camera should be chosen by the vloggers because of the 4K video with full pixel readout without pixel binning. The video is captured at a resolution of 1920X1080 and gives the vlogger the clip that he wants.

The camera also supports internal UHD 4K 30fps and 1080p 120fps facilities. It is popular among videographers for reasons like :-

  1. The camera is weather shielded so there are no extra worries carrying it around while shooting outside.
  2. This camera has got an improved image quality with a whole lot of options.
  3. The camera comes around the price of $1048 which is affordable for the quality it records. At this price, such a quality is like a boon to the videographers.
  4. Among all the mirrorless cameras in the market, this camera stands apart as a great gear for recording actions.
  5. The electronic viewfinder provides a live feed during burst shooting at a speed of 8 frames per second.
  6. Above all, it offers the advanced 4K video. The camera uses the full 6K width of its sensor which is later downsized to 4K.

With all these facilities, the price seems extremely affordable and can be listed as one of the best of all.

2. Sony FDR AX33

The camera provides 4K XAVC-S recording with 16.6MP EXMOR R sensor. It features 20X optical zoom in 4K and 30X clear image zoom in 4K. The camera has been equipped with 4K time lapse facility, nightshot, manual ring and a 3 inch LCD touch panel. The auto focus in this camera is fast and accurate thus encouraging no camera-induced shake. A great improvement in this camera from the earlier model is the ZEISS Vario- Sonnar T lens which now supports video shooting at 26.8mm wide angle. 

It offers a clear image zoom which is far better a facility than the digital zoom.

This model can be chosen by the videographers because:-

It is because of the EXMOR R CMOS that the camera features better low light performance.
Several modes of shooting are included in the feature list. This camera can capture 4K time lapses and 120/100 fps slow motion video at full HD.
The camera has worked a lot on its sound facility that has improved in comparison to the earlier models.
The price of this camera witnessed a drop from the earlier model and hence it is lot more appealing. At the price of $848, this camcorder is a great choice for video recording.
The camcorder also supports functions like time code and uses bit data. These are very essential for advanced editing options.
The pro style /manual function too give the user a different experience to experiment with it and play with time.
The focus ring in this camera offers manual focusing unlike other camcorders.

This camera thus with an affordable price can well be listed among good 4K video recorders. If you’re really on a lookout to spare $1000 on your camera, this choice will not disappoint you.

3. Sony FDR AX33

Sony FDR AX33 can capture great videos on 4K. The balanced optical steadyshot image stabilisation fosters amazing video footages. With the help of manual control rings the user can experiment with the variety of shooting formats in XAVC-S, AVCHD and MP4. The camera can capture 4K / 24p/ 30p video which surpasses HD resolution.

The camera can create highlight 7 video in MP4. It has the facility of broadcasting live using Ustream live streaming. The colour gradation facility in the camera is noteworthy along with the feature of direct pixel readout.
This camera can appeal to the choice of video makers by means of reasons like:-

This camcorder records videos with great details in 4K which is 4 times the complete HD resolution. The processor allows recording 30p videos in 60p and 4K videos in full HD 1080p resolution. This account is meant for extremely realistic footages. The video quality remains the same when the camera is panned or action shot is taken.
The image stabilization with balanced optical steadyshot prevents any distortion of the video due to induced shake.
The high dynamic range of this camera is a feature that videographers like the most. It works well in challenging light and shooting becomes easier and more comfortable with this camera.
The camcorder offers a touchscreen along with electronic viewfinder for viewing and control.
It appears at a price of $698. Sony cameras are really worth taking for its longevity and quality. Hence with these many features, this price becomes affordable. Once you invest for it, you shall not have to worry about your 4K videos for the next few years.

So basically a brother to Sony FDR AX 53, this camera becomes the product quite wisely chosen by the videographers.

4. Panasonic G7KS

Panasonic G7KS offers a DSLM image quality with a compact and handy size. This camera offers 4K Ultra HD video and 4K photo modes. The fast autofocus system enables a precise and correct tracking of the subjects. This has interchangeable lens options along with the facility of WiFi sharing. The 4K video shot with this camera is sharper and more detailed than HD videos. The low light videos are also good. 

The camera offers the user several options with which they can experiment with their videos.

This camera can be opted for the following privileges it offers:-

  1. It provides continuous shooting with a great autofocus system taking 6.5 frames per second
  2. This camera works incredibly well while shooting action videos. It is very handy for street videography because the camera can focus very fast. The camera can automatically grab the focus and remain there preventing any inconsistencies in the video footage.
  3. It is indeed a great mirrorless camera for travellers to be precise. This camera stands as a good competition to the priced DSLRs.
  4. The 4K photo mode makes it easier to utilise the high resolution videos.
  5. In addition to all other features the camera has an inbuilt 2360 k-dot OLED electronic viewfinder. It also has 3 inch 1040k dot LCD.
  6. The camera comes at a price of $597. With this price, the camera offers great facilities and capabilities.

The camera can shoot RAW 16 MP photos and has a DSLR profile. The cost is low and thus easily reachable to most of the people trying to find a good 4K video camera. You will find people opting for costlier DSLRs for the purpose but this camera can create wonders similar to those DSLRs.

5. Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ300 4K

Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ300 4K records superb 4K videos and 4K photos. It has 12.1 megapixels MOS sensor which facilitates a great low light image quality. The 5 axis hybrid optical image stabilisation provides steady videos. The 4K photo functions to capture at a burst rate of 30 frames per second. The native ISO extends from 100 to 6400 and the extended ISO extends from 100 to 6400.

The body of this model has been redesigned with better electronic viewfinders. The display tilt system allows user to use the camera for outdoor shoots. The autofocus performance is incredible and fast and 24 – 600mm equivalent f/2.8 lens.

The reasons because of which videographers can choose this model over others are as follows :-

  1. The camera has got a new generation Venus engine image processor which has brought about a half frame per second increase in performance. The camera can now give you 6 frames per second at full resolution.
  2. The camera is equipped with an electronic viewfinder and LCD monitor.
  3. Panasonic has also developed the image stabilisation. This model uses a five axis Hybrid OIS system.
  4. The users will get both 4K videos at 24 and 30 frames per second and full HD and VGA modes.
  5. The camera also offers a facility of deriving stills from the 4K videos through 4K photo mode.
  6. This camera uses the 3.5mm headphone microphone jack.
  7. The body of the camera has splash and dust proof coatings thus enabling the user to work in rough environments too.
  8. The camera supports 24X zoom range with a fast 2.8f lens. It also has a good onboard audio.
  9. The market offers a price of $497 for this camera. This camera can provide a great experience of 4K video recordings.

This is a camera that you can choose for its durability and affordable price. This camera provides an amazing feature set that can be availed by both new newbies and experienced ones. This is no less a big choice.

6. Panasonic Lumix G85

The Panasonic Lumix G85 offers a 27 Lumix compact lens option mounted on inter-changeable lens camera standard.

The camera features 4K ultra HD  video pause and export as a 4K photo mode. This camera assures to capture a scene with correctness and perfection. The camera is a 4K video enabled Micro four thirds mirror less one and thus the footages shot are realistic in nature.

The camera also features a 5- axis body stabilisation combined with Lumix 2- axis optically stabilised lenses that provide a “Dual IS” effect. The camera offers 4K video recording at 30p/24p 100Mbps and 3.5 mm external microphone port.

The native ISO ranges between  200-25600 whereas the extended ISO ranges between 100-25600. The 16 megapixel MFT in this camera stops the user from using any low pass sensor filters. The camera is also less heavy than DSLRs and can easily be carried for street videography.

This camera stands apart from the rest and becomes one of the most popular choices because of reasons more than one.

  1. This camera has been designed considering all kinds of rough usages.It is splash and dustproof as well as sturdy enough to withstand any environment.This is a boon to the videographers.
  2. This camera meets the greatest need of the videographers-a high quality video.It records UHD 4K videos with 30p or 24p full time autofocus. The photo mode also enables the user to derive a 8 megapixel still from a 4K video clip.
  3. The camera’s depth from defocus autofocus system enables a quick focus time and depth tracking.
  4. The Dual IS is an added advantage in this camera.
  5. The fully articulated 1.04 M dot LCD is touch screen and thus it is beneficial for the users to settle their focus just by tapping on the screen.
  6. The ISO can range upto 25600,therefore this camera can work in poor light too.
  7. The camera offers a good battery duration.The power saving mode on this camera extends the camera’s battery life to a great extent.At default power settings,the camera offers 640 shots whereas in the power saving mode,it gets you 1600-1800 shots.
  8. The camera offers a great dynamic range and promises to capture excellent qualities of photos and videos.
  9. The camera’s shutter mechanism needs a mention too. G85 causes less internal vibrations which is known as shutter shock resulting in clearer and sharper images.It also introduces a new electronic first curtain shutter mode which eliminates any kind of blurring caused by shutterstock.
  10. The improvement made with RAW buffer depth is also noteworthy. The camera has claimed 45 shot RAW buffer capacity.
  11. The camera also provides a 4K live cropping which helps in panning and zooming the camera while recording.
  12. The price of this camera is $897. Perhaps,a bit pricey but once you go through its feature list, the price would seem normal.

Thus, this camera along with a bundle of features can be opted without a second opinion.It is an impressive and appealing venture to say the least on the part of Panasonic.

7. Sony FDR X 3000/W

Sony FDR X 3000/W features a selectable viewing angle, 3X zoom, high quality 12 megapixel still images and a burst mode up to 10 FPS. The camera uses EXMOR R CMOS sensor and image stabilization by Balanced Optical Steadyshot. The camera is also incorporated with features like 4K timelapse, stereo sound, noise reduction, inbuilt WiFi, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI and mic Jack.

It is a 4K camera which supports 4K UHD video and it claims to offer you a video that will be smooth without any distortion. The camera can shoot videos at 100Mbps and 120fps at 1080p.

This camera has so many special features to be actually selected by the videographers for their purpose.

  1. Under good lighting, the camera shoots detailed and sharp videos. Low light performance although includes noise, it can be well controlled by this feature packed camera.
  2. It has a great battery life as the camera claims a life of 2 hours 15 minutes at 1080p or 60 minutes at 4K resolution.
  3. The optical steadyshot actually allows you to take a steady image and 4K POV movie. The footage can also be edited quickly.
  4. The camera is highly durable and designed to withstand unsteady environments. The camera is sealed against dust and water with supplied underwater housing.
  5. The Boss technology provides a clearer video footage and perhaps the best kind of alternative to Electronic image stabilization. Their image stabilization is also in work when a 4K video is being shot.
  6. This camcorder uses Zeiss lenses so that lens distortion can be prevented. Since the sensor is back illuminated EXMOR type with large pixels and BIONZ X processor, it provides a good video quality.
  7. The camera also produces accurate colour gradation.
  8. The camera is known to work quite well in poorly light conditions.
  9. The user interface of this camera is quite easy to handle, even for a beginner.
  10. The camera comes at a price of $348. The price is cheap taking into consideration the bunch of features that it offers like highlight movie maker with face detection, burst shooting, loop recording, stereo mic, Wi-Fi connectivity and dual card slots.

This camera is exactly your kind of product if you are a video enthusiast, a Traveller or a vlogger. Sony has launched this camera having the capability of competing with cameras at even higher price bracket.

8. YI 4K+

YI 4K+ is the first action camera that captures 4K video at 60 frames per second.It has got an electronic image stabilisation for a smooth video of 4K/30fps.It takes photos with 12 megapixel and 155 degree wide angle f/2.8 high quality glass lens.A user wanting 60fps at the 4K resolution may opt for this. The touchscreen in the camera provides a great user experience. The camera is also equipped with stereo mics.

This camera can be opted by buyers because of reasons like.

  1. The electronic image stabilisation enables the video footage stay stable even when the camera faces knocks or shocks.
  2. The camera offers videos of high quality and provides incredible editing options.
  3. The camera has a compact design.It is sleek and portable.It can easily fit in your pocket.It can be attached to other YI+ accessories.
  4. It has a 2.2inch retina touchscreen that offers great preview and playback options.
  5. The camera has been incorporated with a new CPU advanced technology that supports USB type C port and a voice control feature.
  6. The camera can be considered best in terms of battery life.It can record a video of 1080p at 30fps continuously for 2 hours and 35 minutes.
  7. The camera has an additional feature of WIFI and bluetooth duo.
  8. This feature packed product comes at an attractive price of $339.It is worth payable for this camera.

The price of this camera is slightly higher than the YI 4K but it must be remembered that it is also the improvised one.It comes at a price that many brands cannot offer with all these features.YI 4K+ is thus an alluring option for videographers.

9. GoPro Hero 4 Black

GoPro Hero4 Black features high quality 12 megapixel images at 30fps. This camcorder you can record up to 4K 30fps. It also records Ultra high resolution and high frame rates at 4K 30fps, 2.7K 50fps and 1080p at 120fps videos. Hero 4 Black has an improved image quality and advanced processor.

The camera has c m o s optical sensor. The maximum video resolution can be recorded by the GoPro is 3840 X 2160. The ISO can be extended up to 6400.

GoPro Hero 4 Black can be a viable option for the bloggers for the reasons like :-

  1. It captures amazing video at wide angles. It also provides with features like single burst and time lapse mode. The camera can capture good shots at shadows and light as well.
  2. The camera is a small handy one that makes it easier for the vlogger to carry it around.
  3. The time lapse mode in this camera allows you to be creative with your video and encourages experimentation with the footage.
  4. The camera offers a decent audio output without the help of an external microphone.
  5. It is packed with so many unique features like a highlight tag technology, selectable field of view, sharpness control, loop recording, protune technology, quick capture technology, USB charging, high speed recording and multi picture burst.
  6. The camera appears at a rate of $327. Its price is appealing and its features are beneficial.

This camera can be essentially used for vlogging at a cheap rate. It can help you record some of the best videos with the built-in features that it has. GoPro has always been known as the best outdoor adventure camera plus it is fully weather proof, dust proof, shockproof and it can most probably withstand any amount of rough usages done by the user.

10. GoPro Hero 5 black

GoPro Hero 5 black offers stunning a video and captures photo at 12 megapixel in single,burst and time lapse modes.It is quite easy to handle as the camera can be powered on by the press of a single button. The product is durable and waterproof. This camera is probably the best action camera. The camera also features dual microphones, front and back which the camera can swap according to the need.

This camera can be your product for reasons like.

  1. This camera provides three advanced microphones which facilitates noise reduction to a great extent. The updated microphones offer an amazing stereo quality.It has also added VIRB Ultra 30 for minimising the noise of the wind.
  2. In comparison to GoPro Hero4, the GoPro Hero 5 is better because it has worked on the 4K video quality and improvised it. The new HDR mode and view option called Linear have removed the fisheye effect for a better clipping.
  3. The video stabilisation system improves the footages further.
  4. The built-in GPS and location tracking has always been wishlisted by vloggers.So GoPro brings it on with this product.
  5. The interface is easy which helps the newbies to deal with them.
  6. A number of view options have been included in the product for simplifying the images.
  7. With the help of the electronic image stabilisation,it records a mesmerising result.
  8. The price of this camera is $339.The longevity of the camera justifies its price.

Videographers can settle for it without thinking much. An improved model with good many number of features, this product will surely give you a thrilling experience.

Vlogging is a growing business and there are so many vloggers budding everywhere. High end cameras sometimes become unreachable to many. The 4K video cameras along with great features and video quality must appear at a price that is affordable and pocket-friendly.

The above mentioned list is made keeping in mind the needs of the folk so that users can seek some good cameras at a cheap rate. So go ahead, choose your product and make the most of it.Have a happy experience of vlogging with a top class cheap 4K camera.

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