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25 Most Popular Fashion YouTube Vloggers

Vlogging happens to be one of the most popular phenomena of recent times. It is nothing but a kind of blogging in which video is the dominant medium. This vlogging has also become extremely popular on world’s most coveted video streaming site YouTube.

And among various popular vlogging themes “fashion” is definitely one. As fashion is an indispensable part of our life there is no wonder that this theme will attract a large number of audiences in any field whatsoever.  Naturally it has worked wonder in the vlogging arena as well.

In this current article we will scroll through 25 fashion YouTube vloggers who are presently in vogue.

  1. Michelle Phan : This beautiful fashion vlogger has millions of followers for her fashion videos in which she portrays her exquisitely beautiful dresses and themes in a quite attractive manner.
  2. Nitraa B: This is another extremely popular fashion vlogger known for her famous videos such as “Purple Glitter Smokey Eye” and Orange Copper Makeup Tutorial”.
  3. Samantha & Nic Chapman: This sisters’ duo is a celebrity makeup artist and patronized by some of the Hollywood divas such as Angelina Jolie and Rihanna as would be evident in their video tutorials.
  4. Lisa Eldridge: This is another famous makeup artist who has worked with Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, Katy Perry etc. Her video tutorials are extremely useful not only for the beginners but for the professionals as well.
  5. Kandee Johnson: This fashion vlogger is known for her popular videos such as “Red Velvet Lips” and “How to do pin-up girl Makeup” which have successfully set newer fashion trends.
  6. Zoe Sugg (zoella): Zoe is better known for her spot-on makeup techniques as well as a nice bubbly personality as reflected in her video tutorials.
  7. Suzie Bonaldi (Hello October): Through her videos such as “My Winter Skincare Routine” Suzie offers a blend of beauty products and tutorials in a nice way.
  8. Wayne Goss (Goss makeup artist): Wayne’s videos are helpful for those fighting to conceal facial blemishes, contour cheekbones as well as other defects.
  9. Sandi Crystal (Cute polish): With beautiful voice and easy tutorials Sandi’s videos like “Easy Galaxy Nail Art” are great for nail art enthusiasts.
  10. Lynnette Hernandez (By Lynny): Lynnette’s videos like “Green Ombre Eyeshadow” concentrate on beautification of eyes intended for special occasions.
  11. Patrica Bright (BritPopPrincess): Patrica’s encompasses overall beauty basics for hair, eyes, skins etc through her fashion tutorials.
  12. Lily Pebbles: This British vlogger in her popular video “Bathroom Beauty Cabinet Tour” shares her makeup routines along with her views on newly arrived beauty products.
  13. Ruth Crilly (A Model Recommends): Being a reputed fashion model, Ruth’s fashion videos are very helpful in several ways for the beauty enthusiasts.
  14. Jen Chae (From head to Toe): Jen’s “Korean Style Makeup Tutorial” is no doubt an enriched resource for fashion and beauty lovers.
  15. Dulce Candy: Candy’s “Red Carpet Glam Tutorial” elaborately displays how to make the best of your existing appearance using proper makeup and hairdos.
  16. Whitney White (Naptural 85): Through her different tutorial videos such as “How to Wash Curly Natural Hair” Whitney offers countless tips on caring textured hair.
  17. BubzBeauty: With her cutie pie makeup look and Irish accent Bubz wins the heart of a countless followers with videos like Ulzzang Makeup for Glasses.
  18. Emma Pickles (EuphoricCreation): Emma’s famous tutorials on costume makeup such as “Disney Princess Were Real” are really worth watching for all fashion lovers.
  19. Cassandra Bankson (Diamonds And Heels): Cassandra came to limelight after the publish of her much acclaimed tutorial named “How to make Killer High Heels Comfortable.”
  20. Sona Gasparian (MakeupBySona): Sona’s “Bridal Makeup Tutorial” is truly a valuable resource for those looking for bright and gorgeous makeup tips for special events.
  21. Andrea Brooks (Andrea’sChoice): Andrea in her “How to Style Curly Hair” presents many hair styling tips to her followers in a very nice friendly way.
  22. Tanya Burr: Tanya’s “How to look Gorgeous for a Night out” offers secrets of attaining a top-notch makeup look before venturing a night out.
  23. Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo): This extremely popular vlogger besides offering fashion tutorials also interacts with her followers directly through question-answer sessions.
  24. Karina Garcio (TheKarinabear): Despite being one of the new comers in the vlogging field, Karina has already gained countless followers through her makeup videos and DIY tutorials.
  25. Aspyn Ovard (Haute Brillance): Aspyn through her popular video “On the Go Hairstyles” offers many useful tips and techniques meant for casual hair styling.