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GoPro For Vlogging – The Ultimate Travel Vlog Setup?

GoPro For Vlogging – The Ultimate Travel Vlog Setup? Traveling is a lot of fun, but it can be hard to capture the experience on video.

It’s not always easy to find the perfect camera angle or lighting for your videos while you’re traveling. 

You also have to worry about carrying around a bulky camera and all those accessories that come with it.

In this article, I’ll go over some of the best GoPro models for vlogging, including my setup.

First, let’s find out why you should use a GoPro when vlogging.

GoPro For Vlogging - The Ultimate Travel Vlog Setup?

Why Use A GoPro For Vlogging?

A GoPro is a small action camera with a ton of accessories. These cameras are designed to be used during physical activities, so they’re waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof.

As long as you have a GoPro mount of some sort, it’s the perfect camera to take on any adventure.

GoPro also has a new line of cameras out called the HERO9 line. These are digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) style cameras that have interchangeable lenses.

A GoPro is the perfect device for traveling and vlogging. It’s small, easy to use, and has a wide variety of accessories that make it much more versatile than your average camera.

GoPros are small in size and weight which is great for traveling. They’re also very durable, so you don’t have to worry about them when traveling.

They’re also waterproof, so you can vlog without a case in many situations.

You’re going to see a lot of great shots outside and inside with a GoPro. And it won’t cost you too much to get started either! That’s why I recommend this camera for traveling vloggers.

Which GoPro Should You Choose?

There are a ton of different GoPro models out right now, so it’s hard to tell which one is the best for vlogging.

We’ll go over some of the best GoPro options for vlogging in this article.

Which One Is The Best Camera For Vlogging?

GoPro Hero 9

This is one of the newer models out, and it’s very good for vlogging. It has a large LCD touch screen display that flips up 180 degrees. This comes in handy when you’re making videos outside or inside since you don’t have to rely on the small screen on the back of your camera.

Another benefit is that this camera has really good video stabilization. GoPro calls it dynamic image stabilization, and it’s especially good for vloggers who want to do smooth panning shots without a camera gimbal.

The HERO9 also takes great photos and time-lapses since you can shoot in RAW format with this one. It has some nice features that make it stand out from the other models.

If you’re looking for one of the best GoPro cameras for vlogging, I think that this is it. It’s easy to use, takes great videos and photos, and has stabilization features that you can’t find in other models.

GoPro Media Mod

If you want to step up your GoPro game, this is the media mod for you. It attaches right to the HERO9 and allows you to use it as a dashcam or security camera. 

You can also record video in raw format when using the media mod too. I recommend getting this if you plan on doing more than just vlogging with your GoPro.

Max Lens Mod

If you want to do some epic vlogging, this lens mod is a great way to get the most out of your current GoPro model. It comes with three lenses that can be used on all GoPro Hero models except for the HERO Session. 

With these lenses, you’ll be able to use a variety of different camera angles while recording.

To use the lens mod, you just attach it to your GoPro where the existing bottom is located. It will cover up your touch screen display since that can’t be used when using this mod. 

You need to see what you’re shooting with the HERO9 or HERO6 line with this one though.

External Microphone Options

Some of the older GoPro models don’t have a waterproof housing with a built-in microphone. This means that you need to pick up an external microphone if you want better sound while shooting videos.

There are many different ones on the market, so do some research to find out which one works best for vlogging. [1]

I recommend using the Rode Video Micro because it’s an affordable option that provides great sound.

My GoPro Vlog Setup

These are the exact camera settings I use when recording videos with my GoPro HERO6 Black. If you’re just getting started, this should help you figure out what to change when shooting with your vlogging setup.

Here’s how I have my camera set up:

Mode: Video Mode


4K at 60 FPS (If your GoPro can’t record in 4k, then choose the highest resolution and frame rate available.)

Field of View: 

Ultra-Wide Zoom: Off

White Balance: 

Auto Low Light: On Protune: On Color: Flat Sharpness: Low

Auto Low Light: 

This is one of my favorite GoPro Hero 6 Black settings because it helps improve the image quality when shooting in low-light situations. 

The HERO6 will brighten up the image by adjusting the ISO levels automatically, avoiding blurry shots or grainy footage at all costs.


When you turn this mode on, you can set a custom white balance, control the ISO and exposure settings manually. It also saves the videos in an unprocessed format that can be edited later on to your preference.


This setting is used to shoot a wide dynamic range for more vivid colors even when shooting outside or inside with heavy lighting. With this option, I just leave it on the default setting because it works great for vlogging.


This option is used to control the overall sharpness of your videos. I usually just leave this at low because that’s what looks best to me. 

If you plan on editing your footage, this should be set to high after recording since it can make photos look blurry. 


So those are my GoPro for vlogging recommendations. They’re some of the best vlogging cameras if you want to take your YouTube videos and Instagram stories up a notch.

I think that they can help give you a more professional look if you’re just starting or looking to upgrade from an older model.

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