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7 Benefits of Having a Healthy Sleep

A sound sleep for an adequate timeframe is as vital to our body as foods are. It plays a decisive role in improving metabolism, immune system, memory, learning process as well as ability to perform. In this article we will scroll through some of the chief benefits of having a healthy sleep.

1. Improvement of Memory:

You can strengthen your memories through proper sleeps at night and scientists have proven through different ways that sleep really improves memory. To be precise procedural memory is benefited from REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and declarative memory is benefited from SWS or Slow Wave Sleep. So if you are attempting to learn something new make sure you sleep well at night and you are sure to get results.

2. Better Sex life:

If you do not get the requisite amount and quality of sleep at night you are quite likely to come up with major sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction which is a menace to every aging male. On the other hand a regular sound sleep can really improve the quality of your sex life as it increases your testosterone level and boosts up libido.

A good sleep at night plays a major role in enhancing your mood and keeping it up throughout the day. Conversely sleeping poorly spoils your entire day. And if you don’t have proper sleep at night it prominently shows in your daily activities because you not only look and feel disoriented but also tend to lose your temper every now and then.

4. Maintenance of Healthy BMI:

Several studies have demonstrated that those who do not get proper sleep at night are quite likely to become obese. And as we know people with obesity are highly susceptible to different critical diseases. Even after dieting and exercising some people fail to lose weight due to the fact that they do not sleep well at night. On the contrary a proper night sleep helps in retaining a healthy BMI.

5. Keeps away Diabetes:

Diabetes is a notorious disease as it invites with it a number of other diseases and health hazards such as blindness, strokes, obesity, cardiac problems, amputation as well as multiple organ failure. But you can avoid diabetes by giving your body a proper sleep on a regular basis. People who sleep less than six hours are at a higher risk of developing diabetes and those who sleep less than five hours are almost sure to attract diabetes.

6. Improved Skin Conditions:

Different studies and experiments have clearly shown that good sleepers are more likely to have better skin condition compared to the poor sleepers. And because of his skin problem poor sleepers often look much older.

7. Restoration of overall Health:

During sleep our body utilizes a major part of the night to mend damages caused to our cells during the day when we are metabolically active. During that phase different growth hormones are also released to facilitate efficient workings of the healing process.