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How to Clean a Memory Foam Pillow?

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The pillow that we use each and every day of our life is very important for us. After a day’s hard work, each and every one of us deserve a good night’s sleep. Now, one of the most famous filler materials that are used in pillows these days to keep our neck and back free from any kind of pain, is the memory foam pillow. There are some other types of filler materials that are used in the pillows, like the latex filler materials or the original feathers, but over the years the memory foam pillows have gained the attention of the people all around the world. The memory foam pillows helps the person who is sleeping on it to maintain his or her spine’s aligned position throughout the night and thus, when you wake up in the morning, there’s no stiffness or pain in your back and neck.

What is a memory foam pillow?

The memory foam pillow is a very special type of pillow whose filler material is the memory foam. This memory foam cuddles the curves that you have got around your neck and back and in this way the memory foam helps you to maintain your aligned position while you sleep. The memory foam supports your back and neck region all throughout the night and thus, when you wake up in the morning, you feel refreshed and completely re energised. The memory foam pillow supports the spine disks that are present in your neck region, just at the base of your skull. These disks when come under a huge amount of pressure are responsible for our back and neck pain. The memory foam pillow also happens to provide a great amount of support to the cervical spine, which also suffers a lot of stress when you sleep under a normal pillow.

It must be said in this regard that the memory foam was not developed initially for providing relief to someone’s back pain or neck pain. The memory foam was developed in the year 1966 by the scientists of NASA for the astronauts to provide them with the cushion for their safety in the aircrafts and space shuttles.

So, from there memory foam pillows were developed which then became very much popular in the local markets all over the world. The memory foam is quite temperature sensitive and also it reacts to the shape of the body that is lying on it quite readily. That is the reason why if you use a memory foam pillow, you will never feel hot and sticky while you sleep.  

 The moment you start to feel hot, because the pillow is temperature sensitive, it will cool you off with the help of its ventilation. This is a special kind of memory foam and is known as the visco elastic memory foam. One of the best features of a memory foam pillow is that you have to never replace it because a memory foam pillow never changes its shape.

It is you who can change its shape by opening the cover of the pillow and then either remove some amount of memory foam to make the pillow a bit low or add some amount of memory foam to make the pillow a bit high. Other than that, the memory foam pillow will remain in that particular shape indefinitely.

Types of memory foam pillows

There are mainly two types of memory foam pillows based on the design of the pillows. They happen to be the Contour Memory Foam pillow and the Traditional Memory Foam pillow.

Now let us see the different types of Contour memory foam pillows.

1) MFW Essentials Contour Pillow

This pillow is very good for you if you are having some kind of neck and back pain as it gets your entire spine aligned. The very next morning you are going to find some amount of relief from your neck or back pain.

This pillow has also got a removable cover with a zipper on it. The cover is washable and thus it is quite healthy for your day to day sleeping. The pillow resists the various dust mites and bacteria and is hypoallergenic in nature. This pillow can be afforded by anyone since it is available under a reasonable price.

2) Coolmax Contour Pillow

This pillow is ideal for someone who is always suffering from some kind of neck pain. You will feel the good effects of this pillow after using it for a few nights. 

This pillow also happens to be quite temperature sensitive and so if you feel hot and sticky during your sleep, with the help of its ventilation it will be able to cool you off.Apart from this, it must be said that this pillow also happens to be hypoallergenic and does not allow the inhibition of any kind of dust mite or bacteria.

3) Outlast Contour Pillow

This pillows main characteristic is that it is sensitive towards both temperature and moisture. So if you are perspiring too much or if you are feeling hot, then this pillow will help you to cool down.

Apart from this pillow is ideal for you if you happen to have neck and back problems. This pillow also happens to be hypoallergenic in nature. Another important feature of this pillow is that it is anti bacterial and thus it promotes a very safe and healthy environment during your sleep.

4) 4G HD Contour Pillow

This pillow uses the high density memory foam and so this pillow offers a bit of medium soft comfort to your neck and back. While the other memory foam pillows are bit soft, this one is a bit hard compared to the others.This pillow has also got breathable material and thus it provides the best quality of ventilation that you can imagine in a pillow. 

This pillow also prevents the inhibition of any kind of bacteria or dust mite and thus it offers you a very healthy environment during your sleep. This pillow also happens to be hypoallergenic in nature.

5) Standard Cluster Pillow

This pillow was initially designed so that it will able to replace the regular pillows which are made up of fibres and cause pain in your back and shoulder region.

This memory foam pillow has since then replaced the regular pillows and is often used by people who prefer to have the regular pillows but need additional support to their back and shoulder region for a good night’s sleep. This pillow relieves you from the pain that is bothering your upper back and shoulders.

6) Coolmax Traditional Cluster Pillow

The Coolmax Traditional Cluster Pillow is also just like the Standard Cluster Pillow as it is primarily required by people who need some kind of additional support for their back, neck or shoulders while they sleep.

7) Outlast Traditional Cluster Pillow

This pillow also happens to maintain the original shape and size of a standard sized pillow. 

But, this pillow provides a great amount of comfort to those who have been suffering from back or shoulder pain.All the traditional memory pillows are of the highest quality and are ideal for those need just the relief from back and neck pain.

Cleaning a Memory Foam Pillow

If you have got a memory foam pillow and it is supporting you well in terms of your back and neck pain, then it is needless to say that you also have to support it well and maintain it regularly. This means that you have to clean your memory foam pillow once in a while so that it is properly maintained and you are able to sleep in a healthy environment each and every night.

Now there are two types of cleaning procedures. One is the fast cleaning procedure, in which you can hasten the process of cleaning. The other one is the deeper cleaning procedure, in which the memory foam pillow is cleaned thoroughly.

Fast Cleaning Procedure

The first step of this cleaning procedure is to open the zipper of the pillow and separate the pillow from its cover. You must wash the cover with the help of the washing machine. The next step is to clean the memory foam pillow. Cover one side of the pillow with baking soda. You do not have to put a thick layer of baking soda over it, just sprinkle the baking soda over the pillow and then leave it at that state for about half an hour. Then you have to clean the baking soda with the help of the upholstery brush which is attached to your vacuum cleaner.

After you have removed the baking soda, you will find that the pillow has got a good aroma to it and there is no hair or dust particles attached to it. Make sure that you repeat the same procedure for the other side of the pillow as well. The next step is to create a solution of detergent, where the pillow is to be dipped so that all the stains are removed. While the pillow is dipped in the solution rub the stain from its outside edges towards the centre. Once the stain is removed then clean the pillow with a clean cloth to remove any kind of soap on it. If you want to dry the pillow even faster, then please use a hair drier.

Deep Cleaning Procedure

The first step of the deep cleaning procedure is to fill up your entire bathtub with lukewarm water and also mix some amount of detergent to that water. The pillow is to be dipped in that solution entirely so that not even one inch of the pillow is left out. Then you have to squeeze the pillow so that the solution can be taken out of the pillow. You have to make sure that you rinse the memory foam pillow several times so that no amount of water is left behind.

Make sure that you are squeezing the pillow gently and wringing it. Otherwise the memory foam pillow might get damaged. The drying part is also quite essential and you have to keep one thing in mind while you are trying to dry your memory foam pillow. That is never use a heater. The heat will certainly damage the pillow permanently. So, you should always use a portable fan which has got high speed for drying your memory foam pillow. The pillow might take an entire day to get dried if you have a dense memory foam pillow.

Necessary precautions that needs to be taken while cleaning

Now, memory foam pillows have generally got two kinds of memory foams. One is the solid memory foam and the other is the shredded memory foam.

So, if your pillow is made up of the solid memory foam, then you need to take certain precautions while cleaning your memory foam pillow. The first and the foremost precaution which you have to take and should also keep in mind whenever you are cleaning your solid memory foam pillow is that you should never put your pillow in a washing machine to clean it. The strong force that the washing machine applies on the memory foam will certainly tear apart the padding or at least weaken it permanently. Another precaution that has to be taken is that do not use a drier to dry your solid foam pillow. Hang it under a fan or take it outside to dry it.

Now there also certain precautions that needs to be taken for cleaning a shredded memory foam pillow. Always try to avoid soaking the entire memory foam material in water or detergent mixture because if the water or mixture gets trapped in between the shredded foam, then it will allow dust mites and bacteria to grow over there and thus, it will not create a healthy environment during your sleep. Even if some amount of water gets trapped inside the pillow, make sure that you get a damp cloth to get the water out. Further you may also need a wet cloth to press over the memory foam to get as much solution out as possible. If you ever feel like you need to completely wash your memory foam pillow, make sure that the weather is good, so that the pillow gets dried very quickly. Like the solid foam make sure that you do not put shredded foam pillow in any kind of washer as well.

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