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How to Edit a Vlog – Best Vlog Editing Tips

Editing a vlog can be hard, but it’s also necessary. It’s not enough to just shoot a video and upload it to YouTube or Facebook. You need to edit your videos for the best effect.

Want to learn how to edit a vlog?

Editing your videos can be the difference between an amateur video and a professional one. This article will teach you everything you need to know about editing your vlogs, from basic shooting tips to advanced color corrections.

You’ll never have another boring video again! Follow these easy steps and become the next YouTube sensation today.

I’ve compiled some of our favorite tips on how to edit a vlog so that you can create professional-looking videos without any experience!

Read on for more information on how to edit a vlog.

How to Edit a Vlog - Best Vlog Editing Tips

1. Start with the End in Mind

Before you start recording or edit videos, it’s best to have a plan. Think about what your message is and how you want the video to be structured.

If you’re struggling for ideas and edit videos, check out other vlogs on YouTube or watch TED talks.

Once you know what you want the video to look like, it’ll make the editing process much easier.

2. Learn the Basics of Shooting Video

While you can learn all about using an expensive camera when it comes to your vlog, most average cameras will do the job just fine.

The three most important components in a video clips are audio, lighting, and composition.


When it comes to editing videos than Audio is one of the most important factors in video.

Step 1 is to Try using a shotgun microphone so that you can avoid the camera noise and hold the microphone as close to your face as possible. Or else, you can use royalty-free music.

If you don’t have a mixer, try speaking right into the microphone so it’ll pick up your voice more easily. That’s why the most popular vlogs on YouTube Channel – like Jenna Marbles and Ingrid Nilsen – record directly into the microphone from these youtube videos.


Lighting is also important to edit videos. Natural lighting is ideal because it’s not too bright or dark – but if you’re inside, avoid fluorescent lighting and go for window light instead.

Also, make sure while edit videos the lighting is even throughout the entire video. If you notice parts of your video are too bright or dark, use your editing software to fix it.


Make sure that there’s nothing in the background of your shot that will take away from your message, like a messy room or some bills on the table.

Also, make sure that you’re not too close to the camera (jumping out at viewers is never a good idea), and try and sit still while you speak.

3. Don't Use Too Many Transitions

Transitions can be a great way to make a vlog more interesting, but they can also take away from the message you’re trying to get across.

When it comes to editing a vlog, simple is usually best. There’s no need for flashy transitions when your main focus should be the video itself.

4. Break Up Your Videos (Informational)

You don’t need to organize your video footage into chapters, but it’s a good idea to break up subject matter with titles and transitions either before or after the edit so that viewers can follow along easily with what you’re saying.

Make sure that each transition is clear – don’t jump from talking about one subject to the next without giving any warning to your viewers while video editing.

5. Audio is More Important Than Video

A vlog should be simple and easy for anyone to follow, even if they’re watching on mute.

You might want to avoid using location sound effects to make it easier for people with visual impairments to follow along with your audio file. 

6. Learn the “Remove Noise” Filter

If you’re editing in iMovie, simply press “X” to remove any noise from your video’s soundtrack during the editing process.

This is also handy if you want to take out any background sounds but don’t want to remove the background music playing in the background.

7. Pick One Primary Editing App

Most video editing software will do. You can use anything from video editing apps like iMovie to more advanced apps like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. 

The most important rule is to pick one and stick with it for all of your vlogging needs. This will make it easier to manage your media and you’ll be able to work faster when it comes time to edit with best video editing.

8. Supplement Video Editing with Pictures

You don’t need to break the bank on expensive photos for your vlogs, but using at least one or two images in every video will help to develop a more complete story or topic. With that, you also need to know the basic editing features.

You can use programs like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere to crop your photos to the proper size, but it’s also possible to search for free images online to use in your video clip.

9. Learn the Basics of Color Corrections

Either before you shoot or after editing, color corrections can drastically change how viewers perceive a video and the message you’re trying to communicate.

You can adjust colors by using levels, curves, and color balance tools – find out what they do and how they work before you start editing your vlogs for the first time.

10. Background Music

Background music is a great way to add entertainment value to any video, but it shouldn’t be the most important part of your vlog.

You don’t want the music itself to overpower whatever you’re saying, so choose songs that are subtle and fit in with the mood you’re trying to convey.

11. Stick to Basic Fonts

Using web-based fonts is convenient because they’ll show up on multiple devices no matter what you’re using to edit your vlogs, but it’s also better to use more standard fonts that everyone can read easily. [1]

12. Making Notes in Your Edits

If you’re editing multiple videos at one time, having notes on each recording will help you keep track of which clips go with which topics or stories.

You can use notes to jot down things like special effects or other tips that you want to remember for future vlogs.

13. Understanding Compression

Compression isn’t an exact science, but it’s helpful to know how it works so you can adjust your videos accordingly.

Adjusting compression will help your file size go down, which will allow it to upload faster.


Vlogging is about telling your story or sharing your message with the world – but without proper editing, viewers could miss out on what you’re trying to communicate.

Using these 13 tips will make it easy for you to edit your vlogs and using all vlog editing software will turn them into effective videos that everyone will enjoy watching.

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