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How to Remove Shadow from Pictures on iPhone

How to remove shadow from picture on iPhone?

You can’t always control the lighting, but there are some things you can do to minimize shadows in your photos.

Many different apps will help remove shadows from pictures on an iPhone. These include Cut Paste Photos Pro, PhotoShop Fix, TouchRetouch, Pixelmator, and Snapseed. Enlight Photofox also has a great shadow removal tool for free!

The best way to get rid of shadows in photos is by using photo editing tools. There are many different options available, but here are the top 6 editing tools that I recommend for removing shadows from pictures on your iPhone.

How to Remove Shadow from Pictures on iPhone

The Best iPhone Photography Apps That Eliminate Shadows

1. Cut Paste Photos Pro

This app is free on the App Store, and there’s a lite version available to try before you buy. Many users also feel this app has the best format of all photo-editing apps, which helps make it easy to use even for newbies. 

It may take some practice to get used to, but Cut Paste Photos Pro includes many features, including taking shadows out of pictures. This app has everything you need to make your photos look great!

2. PhotoShop Fix

This is another photo editing app that I love for removing shadows from pictures. It’s very easy to use with plenty of filters, enhancements, stickers, etc., and it also has a great airbrush tool. 

You can remove dark shadows from pictures without this app, but it makes the process much easier. This app does cost $3.99, so it’s part of affiliate advertising program.

3. TouchRetouch

This is another easy-to-use photo editing app as step 1 that has the ability to remove shadows from pictures with its “magic lasso” tool. 

The interface is very user-friendly and it’s easy to import photos from your camera roll, so if you need to remove a pesky shadow, TouchRetouch is a great app to get rid of shadows. 

It’s also free with no in-app purchases or ads if you want something that doesn’t have extra fees associated with it.

4. Pixelmator

This is a great, high-quality app that is perfect for removing shadows from photos. 

There are many tools and options to use when editing your pictures with right click, and the interface is easy to learn and navigate through if you’re new to photo editing. 

The lite version of this app is free and gives you plenty of uses before you have to purchase the full version.

5. Snapseed

Snapseed is great for enhancing your photos with simple tools like shadows, highlights, and structure – but best of all, it’s free! 

There are many options available in this app if you want to try something different than just removing shadows from photos. 

This app is also more of a photo-enhancing app, though you can use it for removing shadows from pictures.

6. Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox is another great free photo editing app that allows you to remove shadows from photos with its “magic eraser” option. 

This app has many other features like using layers, textures, lighting effects, and more to create spectacular photos for background eraser tool. [1]

Tips to Avoid Shadows When Taking Pictures with Your iPhone:

Ensure adequate lighting

Step 1 is to make sure there’s plenty of light when taking pictures so you can avoid shadows. You could use the flash on your iPhone if it’s dark and you need additional lighting. 

Also try taking pictures at different times of the day (morning, noon, early evening) to find out what time works best with natural lighting.

Find the best angle

The most flattering angle for taking pictures is straight on, without any odd angles that cause any shadows area. Play around with your phone’s camera and see how it looks facing you directly versus tilting up or down.

Use the flash

Sometimes using your iPhone’s flash can be helpful for shadow removal and brighten up a photo.

The light will be directly pointed onto your face so there won’t be any weird shadow area and it’ll illuminate everything. Turn on “Auto” or “On” to ensure that this feature is used when you need it!


This is a great tip to avoid shadow area when taking pictures with your iPhone. HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range,” which basically means you’ll get images with less contrast and more natural lighting. I personally love this feature on my iPhone!


There are many apps available for editing photos on your iPhone – these are just some of the best apps that are great for removing shadows from pictures. 

Just find an app that works for you and your specific needs, whether it’s editing pictures or enhancing them with filters and stickers.

Most of these apps allow you to try out features before purchasing the paid version of the app, so I recommend downloading a couple of free apps before settling with one. 

Once you find an app that works for you, be sure to use it regularly and take amazing photos!

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