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How to Vlog with iPhone

How to Vlog with iPhone?

Vlogging is a great way to share your life with the world, but it can be hard to know where to start.

We all want to capture our lives and share them with the world, but it’s not always easy or clear how.

With an iPhone and these simple steps, you’ll be on your way!

You might feel intimidated by all of the equipment and software needed to start vlogging. It’s not as easy as just picking up an iPhone and starting to talk into it!

I’m here for you! 

This article will give you everything you need to start vlogging with an iPhone. From what vlogs are, why they’re important, tips for shooting on your phone, how to edit them after filming, and more.

How to Start Vlogging with an iPhone

What Is Vlogging?

Vlogging is a form of blogging where people use videos to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences.

Vlogs are popular because they capture so much more than written articles can! You can see the narrator’s face as they speak about their life or a specific topic.

They might show you around their home, go shopping for new clothes, or share their best tips for parenting. Vlogs give you a glimpse into someone’s life that you might not get by reading an article.

Why Start a Vlog?

Vlogging is becoming more and more popular as technology advances and people look for creative ways to connect with the world. Many vloggers create videos to document their lives, share advice with others, or even make a living from their passion.

What’s best about vlogging is that anyone can do it! You don’t need fancy equipment or a lot of experience to start sharing your life online. All you need is your phone and the willingness to tell people what’s going on in your world.[1]

Tips for Vlogging with an iPhone

Shoot in Manual Mode

One of the most important aspects of vlogging with an iPhone is using the right shooting mode.

The easiest vlog with an iPhone and most intuitive option is to shoot in Auto Mode, but that doesn’t always work out when you’re trying to film yourself or show your surroundings.

The camera doesn’t always focus on the right area, and it might mess up the lighting of your shot.

To avoid these problems, make sure you shoot in Manual Mode!

In Auto Mode, tap on a subject to focus on them and lock the exposure by tapping and holding on a bright spot in your scene.

In Manual Mode, tap on a subject to focus on them and adjust the exposure by swiping up or down. You can also lock the exposure by tapping and holding on a bright spot in your scene. In Manual Mode, you have more control over how your video looks!

Purchase the Right External Accessories

Now that you’re shooting in Manual Mode, you’ll need the right external accessories to help your vlog stand out and look even better!

You’ll want a tripod that’s sturdy and easy to carry around. Something like this Movo Photo Video Tripod is great for shooting with your iPhone because it can hold up to 11 pounds of equipment and adjusts between 20 and 60 inches in height.

A tripod like that gives you the freedom to shoot from different angles and makes it easier to hold your phone steady when filming.

You’ll also need an accessory that helps reduce vibrations and movement in your footage, such as a smartphone mount or extension pole.

This lets you set up your shot without having to carry around another bulky tripod to hold your iPhone.

Finally, make sure you have a windscreen to keep the microphone on your phone from picking up too much background noise. A windscreen like this can help you shoot high-quality audio for all of your vlogs!

Invest in Lighting

One of the most important aspects of creating quality videos is capturing the perfect light.

The majority of content creators use natural lighting to film their video content. The best places to shoot outside are in direct sunlight or by a window with indirect sunlight shining through.

You can also purchase small lights and other equipment for shooting your videos indoors, but those tend to be expensive and take up a lot of space.

Avoid harsh, direct lighting that creates shadows across your face by shooting in the early morning or later in the afternoon.

And if you’re recording indoors, make sure to shoot under a window with indirect sunlight so you can see your surroundings while still getting quality lighting on your face.

Use an Editing Program

Once you’ve filmed your vlog with an iPhone, it’s time to edit!

Start by sorting through all of your footage and putting together a “rough cut.” This is just a draft version of your video that has all the scenes in the order you want them.

This helps you figure out what parts to include or exclude from the final edit. You’ll probably find that some parts don’t work as well as others, and you can simply trim those bits off without having to delete your whole video.

Once you’re happy with the rough cut, move on to the final edit! Make sure to include a title card at the beginning of your video, and add other special effects during transitions between scenes.


Vlogging is a growing trend thanks to the rise in popularity of YouTube and other blogging sites. Overall, the iPhone produces good results as a  Vlogging camera.

Now that you’re well-versed in vlogging with an iPhone, it’s time to get started on your channel! Good luck with all of your new vlogs, and keep us posted on how they go!

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