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What cameras and equipments does Jon Olsson use?

Vlogging is a new cool these days. Many bloggers are trying to live the trend with their acts of video sharing or vlogging. Podcast, webinars, Facebook lives and YouTube videos are the main aspects of this vlogging industry.

Jon Olsson is one such daily vlogger who is world famous for recording his day to day lifestyle along with drone video footage. This Swedish man stands as a role model for thousands of newbies starting up with their vlogs. In this article we shall let you know about the cameras and the equipment used by Jon Olsson.

Jon Olsson and his cameras

Jon Olsson’s favorite gear being Sony A7s II, this camera features 12.2 megapixels with EXMOR CMOS sensor. It has a fast auto focus with 5 axis image stabilization. This camera takes great 4K videos.

It has a great low light performance and the noise does not get disturbing even under high ISO.

It offers a full HD 1920 X 1080 quality video. It is an interchangeable lens camera which makes it more endearing to our daily vlogger, Olsson. This is the world’s first camera to record 4K movie with no pixel readout or pixel binding. Thus, it is mandatory for our camera enthusiast to possess this one.

Customised RED Epic – W 8K camera is another one which records videos in 8 K resolution, 4 x UHD resolutions and 16 xs full HD resolution which can be downsized to 4K.This is quite frequently used by Olsson and his team while making many of his vlogs.

Jon Olsson has a fascination for using several kinds of lens. The most preferred one being a 35 mm f/1.4. It gives a great image performance. It has the maximum aperture off1.4. It works fantastically well with poor light by virtue of its strong suppression of stray light.

Along with this, Jon Olsson is also into using Leica 24 mm f/1.4 Summilux M lens. Olsson chooses to use this lens for close up shots. This wide angle lens adds intensity to the video clip which acquires a great quality on being broadcasted.

A regular follower of Jon Olsson will certainly know that in many of his videos he keeps the main subject in focus thus making the backdrop hazy. He does that with the help of VoigtlanderNokton 50 mm f/1.1. It has a filter size of 58 mm and high shutter speed. This lens is used quite often.

Jon Olsson also uses APO-VarioElmarit SL 90-280 mm f/2.8-4 lens. It has an aperture range of f/2.8 to f/22. The stepping AF motor and linear positioning optical image stabilization of this lens is very efficient. This lens is specially used to shoot subjects that are quite far or in a distance. Its dual internal focus also has the capability to win Olsson’s heart.

However, Jon uses two other cameras to carry on his outdoor shoots that involve a lot of action. One is GoPro Hero session. This camera is certainly chosen for its compactness and waterproof coating. Its design is meant for rough environments. While mounting or boating Jon usually takes resort of this camera.

Another one is GoPro Hero 5 black which records excellent 4K videos. It has single, burst and time lapse modes to work with. This one is chosen for shooting sports video or outdoor activities especially for

its smooth video quality with clear audio. It is also very durable to use outside the studio. As versatile Jon is, his equipments suit him the best. He uses a versatile GoPro 3 way grip tripod that can be used as a tripod, selfie stick or as a grip to record according to his wish. For his GoPro session camera, he has a suction cup to mount the camera to his boats, Ski helmets or cars.

Jon Olsson is a perfectionist when it comes to recording videos. He can never tolerate blurred video footages. In order to avoid any such possibilities, he uses a glidecam HD 2000 handheld stabilizer.

Jon uses Rode videomicPro compact shotgun microphone for an enhanced audio quality. It is lightweight and compact with broadcast recording quality. It has 70 hours of battery duration which makes it all the more alluring.

A video is uploaded only after it is refined and refinished. Advanced editing software shall always be a vloggers’ equipment. For video editing, Jon uses a 13 inch Macbook Pro with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe after effects.

Jon’s popularity and the superb video qualities can all be traced from the investments he had made. He chose the best out of the lot to make his videos. Quality and quantity of his equipments are all reflected from his entertaining videos.