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What cameras and equipment does PewDiePie use?

The act of sharing a video story, popularly known as vlogging is a growing trend these days. Podcasts, webinars, YouTube videos have taken vlogging to new records. In this world of vlogging Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie is an eminent personality.

Who does not know about this Swedish born YouTube celebrity whose YouTube channel is the most viewed and subscribed channel across the globe. He is an icon for every budding vlogger. This article chiefly aims at educating the upcoming vloggers with the knowledge of what gears does PewDiePie use while making a particular video.

PewDiePie and his cameras

PewDiePie’s gear depends on the agenda of his shooting. Formerly PewDiePie used the Canon XA10 professional camcorder. Canon XA10 features Canon 10 x HD video lens with 8 blade Iris. The camera has a manual focus ring, 64GB internal flash drive and 1920 x 1080 CMOS image sensor. It uses a Canon DIGIC DV III image processor.

This camera can record 24 hours of HD video. PewDiePie generally used to shoot with this camera for a really high definition video. His comic videos were generally shot with this camera. Recently, he has updated his camera from Canon XA10 to XA30. The 20 X optical zoom of XA30 breeds great videos.

The CMOS image sensor has been updated in this model. It takes 1920 x 1080 HD videos.

PewDiePie also uses webcam. He has also updated his webcam lately. It is a Logitech HD Pro webcam C920. This webcam features full HD glass lens equipped with a marvelous autofocus. It also has a full HD 1080p video calling facility with an excellent HD video recording. The low light correction is automatic.

There is a built-in dual microphone with noise reduction facility. The videos obtained with it are quite detailed and prominent. PewDiePie uses this webcam for his live streaming since it records in 1080p.

Tripods are very essential while shooting. PewDiePie has to use the best and therefore he uses ZOMEI Q111 55 inch professional aluminum camera tripod. This tripod is made up of aluminum alloy tube and ABS plastic.

The leg feet are of soft rubber that can rotate properly and is easily adjustable. The maximum diameter of this tripod can be extended up to 25 mm.

This tripod offers a 360 degree panning with 3- way pan head. All the angles can be set with this tripod. It moves within the height range of 18 inches to 55 inches. It has 4 section legs with center column. All these features make it eligible to be PewDiePie’s vlogging partner.

PewDiePie has got a newer camera ring light. It features 18 inches /48 cm ring fluorescent flash light. The item is equipped with extra-long cords and heavy duty thumb screws. This is a very vital gear to be possessed for a radiant glow in your video. With this light, PewDiePie also uses a video light soft box diffuser- Newer collapsible photography video light soft box diffuser.

This is mainly required for portrait or product photography. This has a beauty dish live design and circular reflections. These two gears combined will surely lead you to PewDiePie’s path.

Rode NTG4 microphone is equipment that PewDiePie can’t do away without. He calls it a “Life Saver”. This microphone is indeed a lifesaver with a bunch of features like high sensitivity, noise control facilities, built in high pass filter and high frequency boost. It also has a digital switching on its body. 150 hours of operation time makes it an apple of PewDiePie’seye. PewDiePie is a huge fan of the Rode NT1 Kit condenser microphone.

This microphone kit takes all the credit for producing the clearest sound in the video. For the “always moving” PewDiePie, Rode PSA1 survival mount becomes a necessity.

When PewDiePie has got some of the best cameras and their equipment, he has to have a great storage. For this, the videos are of high quality and they need an above the average SD card. So he uses SanDisk Extreme Pro 512 SDHC UHS-1 card. This card is said to display a 90 MBPS shooting speed and 90 MBPS transfer speed.

It can capture 4K Ultra high definition videos. It has a fantastic post production workflow and thus PewDiePie considers it to be best for his case.

Video editing softwares are also abstract equipment that makes a video prim and proper. PewDiePie uses Adobe Premiere Pro CC for this action. PewDiePie goes for the latest version of this software for a niche quality of his videos.

That is all with PewDiePie’s cameras and the equipment that come along with it. All these gears make PewDiePie what he is today. PewDiePie makes no compromise with his gears or his videos. All these equipment are specially chosen by him to serve the best. Follow his path and live the experience.