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25 Most Popular Tech YouTube Vloggers

High speed internet and advanced gadgets have given birth to a number of newer trends on the online platform and vlogging seems to be one of them. As known to many of us and also unknown to some vlogging is the newest addition in the field of blogging. It is also a kind of blogging but the difference being that here video is chosen as the main medium and hence the name vlogging (video blogging).

This vlogging has gained tremendous popularity on YouTube, as it happens to be world’s most frequented video sharing website. And if we notice carefully we will find that among the YouTube vloggers two themes are extremely popular – one is fashion and the other is tech. In this article we will concentrate on the second one.

So let’s have a look on the 25 most popular tech YouTube vloggers.

  1. Marques Brownlee (MKBHD): This young tech vlogger is well known in the YouTube platform for his excellent quality videos related to tech reviews.

  2. Austin Evans: This vlog is especially for those looking for information on gaming oriented PCs. However there is information on other tech stuffs as well.

  3. The verge: Besides providing useful tech reviews on different gadgets this vlog also offer latest information in the field of science and technology.
  4. PocketNow: If you are to buy a new smartphone and a bit confused about choosing the right model this vlogging channel can come to your help with its latest updates.
  5. TechSmartt: It is one of the best YouTube vlog in terms of content as well as video quality. It emphasizes on scratch test and drop test of various smartphones.
  6. PCWizKid: This unique vlog is dedicated to offering a close view of what is inside under the hood of your gadget including useful tips and tweaks for the advanced users.
  7. TechnoBuffalo: This vlog supplies updates on newly arrived smartphones in the market with detailed specifications to help an intended buyer take right decision.
  8. CNETTV: This tech vlog is dedicated to news, tutorials, interviews and other things related to latest tech products. It also covers different tech events.
  9. LinusTechTips: This chaneel is all about PCs and their accessories including motherboard, RAM, Hard drives and other small peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, earphones etc.
  10. Newegg TV: This US based computer store through their vlog showcases their product ranges including reviews on different computer hardware.
  11. Android Authority: As evident from the name this tech vlog provides a lot of news and information related to different Android products like smartphones and tablets.
  12. TechTomorrow: This nice tech vlog portrays unboxing of various products in a very entertaining and engaging manner by Eric, a popular tech vlogger.
  13. TimeToLiveCustoms: This vlogging channel offers useful tutorials on building your own computer at home. The videos are often quite long to fit the detailed process.
  14. MiniPCPro: Besides offering various PC reviews as suggested by the name of the blog it also provides updates on different other products like smartphones, gaming devices, tablets and more.
  15. NCIXcom: The vlog of this online computer store offers details on their range of product along with offers and discounts presently available at the store.
  16. TysiPhoneHelp: It mainly talks about Apple’s line of products such as iPhone, iPod, MacBookPro, iPad etc. in great details.
  17. Unbox Therapy: As suggested by the name itself this vlogging channel displays unboxing of consumer goods such as laptops, smartphones, consoles and so on.
  18. TestedCom: This vlog is full of interesting information related to the tech products. The videos are often like podcasts with long duration.
  19. HardwareCanucks: This channel engages a different method of product review in which the reviewer reads out a prewritten script in form of a voice-over when the video shows the product details.
  20. TechCrunch: This tech vlog often features a kind of talk shows where the hosts talk about different tech related issues and their impacts on our life.
  21. CustomPCReview: This is another unboxing vlog dedicated to computer and related peripherals. The videos are mostly lengthy due to the amount of information contained in them.
  22. HiTechLegion: In addition to giving useful PC reviews it also shows how to assemble different parts of a PC to form the complete unit. It is truly very informative.
  23. Mashable: This is also a highly popular tech vlog with unboxing, reviews, tutorials as well as news on different tech products.
  24. SoldierKnowsBest: The vlog, run by Mark Watson, a former soldier, mainly deals with technology and related stuffs with emphasis on Apple’s product.
  25. Chris Pirillo: Chris is one of the best known tech vloggers today with around 144 million views and 200000 subscribers.