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How To Use A PS4 Camera On PC – Easy DIY Steps

Do you want to use your PS4 Camera on PC?

The PS4 camera is an excellent device for capturing gameplay and streaming it live. It’s also great for video chatting with friends or family and even taking selfies.

What if you want to use the PS4 camera on a PC instead of on a PlayStation 4? This article will teach you how to accomplish it.

Follow these easy DIY steps and in no time at all, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite games from the comfort of your own home while using this awesome device!

How To Use A PS4 Camera On A PC - Easy DIY Steps

How to Use PS4 camera on your PC?

The answer is you can’t. But there are a few tricks to try and work around this. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it on a PC with Camera Controls via OBS or XSplit, but not streaming (unless you want to record locally).

What is a PS4 Camera?

The Camera is a microphone and camera built into the Dualshock 4 controller. It does not have infrared as it is intended to be used with PlayStation Move Controllers which have their infra-red tracking.

This means that you will need to have a fairly well-lit room to use it for streaming unless you’re using a webcam plus the PlayStation Eye Camera.

Does PS4 Camera Work on a PC?

The short answer is no. It requires the PlayStation 4 Eye Camera to work on Windows PCs, but with a little bit of trickery, you can get it to work if needed.

Here's what works for me:

Step 1: Find a USB 3.0

The PS4 camera will not function unless it is directly connected to a USB 3.0 port on your computer.

Step 2: Configure via Device Manager

Step 3: Downloading LibusbK or OrbisEyeCam

Determining the Play and Stream button (note: You may need to also install a custom driver) Once the software is installed you will see a new device listed under /dev/video0, which will allow you to test this in OBS or XSplit.

Step 4: Install the PS4 Camera Driver and Set Up LibusbK

This will be determined by the software you choose from step 3. If you are using the LibusbK software, you will need to install this with Administrator Privileges. If you are using OrbisEyeCam you do not need to do anything extra.

Step 5: Load Firmware

Download the V4L2 USB device firmware loader which is required for your camera to function.

Step 6: Testing Camera

Once the firmware is loaded, you should be able to open OBS or XSplit and add a Video Capture Device.

If you used LibusbK, the device name will look something similar to “USB2.0 2-1” while if you used OrbisEyeCam it will read “Orbis PS4 Eye Camera”.

How to Access the PS4 Camera on Windows 10

To start this off, I will say that there is no way to use the PS4 Camera on a PC at the time of writing this unless it has been hacked.

What you can do is use a PlayStation Eye camera with your computer and use XSplit or OBS to capture the video feed from that camera while using a PS4 Controller to control the camera.

How to Set Up Live Broadcasting using PS4 Camera on PC

Step 1: Download PS4 Remote Play App

First, head over to the PlayStation Store and download the PS4 Remote Play app. It’s free!

Step 2: Setup PS4 RP

Once you’ve downloaded it from the store, go ahead and install it on your PC and launch it. You will need a DualShock 4 controller for this part.

I highly recommend plugging in a USB keyboard to make it easier on yourself, but you can do this without.

Step 3: Setup the track and then turn on your camera

Now, turn on your PlayStation Eye Camera.

If you’re using one that’s plugged into your computer via USB then you can just unplug it and move your controller over to where the camera is at. Make sure to hit the PS button on the controller so it recognizes it as well.

Step 4: Configuring OBS

Now, open up OBS and add a Video Capture Device.

This time around you’ll want to select “Video Capture (via Playstion 4)” or whatever option is listed in the dropdown menu.

The reason we aren’t using Game Capture is that we don’t want to capture the controller inputs and share them with the public, we’re just looking to capture the PlayStation Eye Camera feed.

Step 5: Configure Windows Capture

Next, you’ll need to configure your Windows Capture source to be able to work with OBS’s Video Device.

This is pretty simple — all you have to do is go into settings and select “Preview Stream.”

Step 6: Switch to PS4 Remote Play

Now that you have your settings configured, it’s time to switch back over to the PlayStation 4 Remote Play app.

The way this works is kind of weird – but what I do is I launch OBS first, then select my Video Device in the Windows Capture source so it’ll show up.

Then, I switch back to the PlayStation 4 app and start streaming!

Step 7: Keeping the PS4 Remote Play above the Display Capture

Now we have one more step we need to do — and this will keep OBS and XSplit from capturing your controller inputs while you stream.

If you select the Video Capture source in OBS or XSplit, it’ll show up on your stream. This is why I always recommend using Game Capture instead of Video Device because then you don’t have this issue.

To do that, head back over to the PlayStation app and tap “Start Broadcasting.”

When you’re asked which model you’d like to broadcast in, select “Hide UI.” You cannot use this mode unless you’re broadcasting.

This will keep your controller inputs from showing up on stream and let you use the PS4 Remote Play app as a normal window.

Now, you should be able to close everything out besides the Remote Play app and it’ll still work.

This is a great way to use your PlayStation 4 Camera (if you have it) on your PC for things like streaming, video chat, or recording desktop activities. [1]

Advantages of using PS4 Camera on PC

One of the most important functions of a webcam is to be able to capture video.

When compared with other webcams, it has several features that make it more superior to others. Some of these are:

Video Broadcasting and Streaming

The PS4 camera can connect directly to streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube by using either a USB cable or a wireless dongle.

Facial Recognition

The PS4 camera has face-tracking functions that can detect your eyes and mouth as well as facial expressions, meaning it knows when you are smiling, looking away from the camera, or even blinking!

Voice commands

Using the PS Camera with voice commands means you don’t need to have a keyboard at all.


To use the PS4 camera on YouTube, you need to have either Direct Show or VLC installed. With this software, it’s possible to record your voice and face while also streaming directly onto the website if preferred.

Can I use a PlayStation camera as a webcam?

The short answer to this question is yes. All that’s required for you to use your PS4 camera as a webcam on your PC is the installation of appropriate software and drivers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Camera’s Facial Recognition?

To set up the PlayStation camera to work on facial recognition, you will need to go into the PlayStation settings menu and then go into System, Quick Menu. From here, select Adjust Sound and Devices and choose Audio Device Settings.

From this menu, you can also see your Microphone Level. Make sure this is turned up to the maximum by using the touchpad on your controller or via menu options.

2. Can you record yourself with a PS4 camera?

Yes, but to do so you will need to download additional software that supports screen capture if not already included in your webcam program of choice.

3. How to Display PS4 Controls on PC?

To display your PlayStation controls on your PC, you will need to go into the PlayStation settings menu and then go into Devices. From here, select External Device Connection Settings and then Manage Extended USB Device Connections.

From this menu, make sure that Control is selected. If it isn’t, select Control.


The PlayStation camera is an affordable way to improve your webcam experience, stream or record activities on your PC.

This is something that can easily be achieved with the right software and drivers.

It’s also great for use in games where voice commands are preferred over keyboard input.

Overall, the PlayStation camera is an excellent webcam alternative for those looking to upgrade their computer.

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