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6 Reasons Removing Makeup is Essential before Sleep

Almost all the girls nowadays apply makeup while going out to make themselves presentable in the outside world. But how many of you remember to remove the make up after returning home? I know most of you will come up with the answer that you usually forget to remove your makeup or simply don’t bother about it due to your laziness.

You will perhaps accompany them with excuses like after the long hectic day you get tired and just want to jump on your bed and get lost in your dreams. Or maybe one or two of you will come up with funny reasons like you want to look beautiful with your make up on even while sleeping obviously inspired by your beloved television character whom you see everyday doing the same in your favourite daily soap.

But do you know what can happen to your skin if you don’t take off your make-up before bed? Sleeping with your makeup on can cause skin problems and create lines on your skin. Hence it is important that you always remove your makeup and wash your face followed by cleaning it with some good cleanser and moisturizing it. If you want to retain the health and glow of your skin then don’t forget to clean your face from masks, makeup, chemical products or dirt as it can cause extensive damage to your skin during the night.

6 Reasons why you should remove your Makeup before Sleeping?

We have pointed out some of the most important reasons why it is important to remove the makeup before going to bed below:

Effect of Bad Chemicals :

You may think that if you use costly makeup brands then it’ll not harm your skin. But you should know that irrespective of the type of makeup you use — be it for sensitive skin or pure type — they all contain elements that can harm your skin. When you keep the makeup on your skin while sleeping, these chemicals have a propensity to enter it and can cause damage that will show in the long-term.

Chemicals present in these products can cause wrinkles and show signs of getting old as well as make your eyelashes frail and even prevent the normal renovating system of your skin. Chemicals also obstruct the normal discharge of sebum — the ordinary oil and moisturiser that your skin generates due to which problems arise immediately and damage your skin for long-term.

A human skin is full of pores, especially our face has more pores than any other body part. If makeup is kept on your skin for long hours like throughout the night then it obstructs the pores, which generate sebum. Other than smoothening your skin, this sebum also helps to get rid of dead skin cells and toxins that are present in your skin. Keeping makeup on your skin obstruct the pores and eventually leads to spots as the jammed sebum combined with those chemicals and impurities result in the pores to get polluted and reddened, which causes blemishes.

Effect on Eyes :

Makeup is also used in your eyes and its surrounding areas so it is essential that you remove those. If you don’t clean your eyes then the chemicals can lead to eye annoyance, allergic effects, infections and even cause your eyelashes to become fragile.

Faster Skin-Ageing :

If you stay with your makeup, then it will reduce the pace of revitalization procedure that undergoes at night when you sleep. When your skin is covered with makeup it is incapable to take breaths and the chemicals that enters the skin impede with the normal restoration method.

Environmental pollutants get stuck to your skin while you are wearing your makeup, which if kept on your skin for long raises anxiety that hit your skin with risky radicals. This not only harms the formation of your skin but also reduces the creation of collagen — a mix that assists to maintain your vigorous, flexible and contour free skin — thus increasing the pace of ageing of your skin.

Skin Becomes Dry :

As said above, makeup obstructs the pores of the skin and reduces the pace of sebum production that results in your skin to become dry. Dry skin makes you look worse. Moreover, dry skin makes the restoration procedure sluggish, which is the basis of wrinkle formation and make the skin look weary.

Causes Skin Irritation :

People with sensitive skin are more likely to have blemished skin and irritation. Even makeup designed especially for this skin type can’t prevent from damaging your skin. That is because sleeping with your makeup allows the chemicals in them and the dust from the surroundings to get attached to your skin.

This boosts the quantity of irritants that are currently there on your skin and causes allergic reaction that in turn causes blemished and snappy skin. Furthermore, the skin becomes very dry that increases the pain and may even lead to swelling.

The Bottom Line

Even if you’re too tired, don’t forget to wash your face before going to bed. Remember that if you do this regularly, your skin will certainly thank you later.