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TempurPedic vs Sleep Number

All of us need an adequate amount of quality sleep at night to be able to continue with our daily tasks throughout the day. For sustenance of our body and overall health it is as important as food is. This is because a balanced and quality sleep reinstates the functionality of our muscular, skeletal and nervous systems that become fatigued after a day’s work. Moreover it also improves our immunity at the same time.

Now in order to ensure a nice sleep you must get yourself a worthy mattress first of all. And when it comes to specialty mattress two names that come to our mind at the very outset are TempurPedic and Sleep Numbers. These two mattress experts are often compared by users in terms of their respective advantages and disadvantages. So in this article we will try to determine the true worth of each mattress through a comparative study of the both.

There is no denying the fact both TempurPedic and Sleep Numbers manufacture high class mattresses and earned enough reputation by virtue of their quality products. But since different people have different requirements their preferences tend to vary with regards to their choices of mattresses. Therefore we provide a comparison chart which will help you to determine which mattress would be a better option for you. And we believe after going through the comparative study you will find it easier to select your right mattress without much confusion in your mind.

As a matter of fact TempurPedic and Sleep Number are quite different from each other however they are often compared because of the fact that both are quite popular in the mattress arena. And both score higher ratings in different surveys and reviews. Sleep Number generally uses air as supporting means in their mattresses and the support level can be adjusted through increasing or reducing the amount of the air through an electric pump.  But in case of TempurPedic solid memory foam is utilized to give it a thick and firm setup.


Comfort is definitely the most significant criteria so far as the benefits of a mattress is concerned. And according to National Sleep Foundation comfortable bedding is very crucial in achieving the right amount of sleep span each night. But unfortunately TempurPedic is often criticized by many users to be unnecessarily firm and hence a bit less effective in terms of offering sleeping comfort. As for Sleep Number there is no such issue and most of the users find it extremely comfortable for a peaceful sleep.

Support Potential:

TempurPedic surely scores high in this criterion. This is because TempurPedic mattresses are made up of memory foam which is highly efficient in offering the best support to your different body parts as well as the correct spinal alignment. But Sleep Number does not use memory foam as its base material it fails to provide that perfect support and this is no doubt considered to be a disadvantage of Sleep Numbers.

 Conforming ability of a mattress refers to its capacity to effectively coordinate with the user’s body movement at sleep. And more the conforming ability, better the sleeping experience. Honestly speaking both perform well in this respect. But to be very meticulous TempurPedic is a little better if not more than Sleep Number.

Adjustable Sleep:

Both TempurPedic and Sleep numbers offer adjustable bases to ensure a perfectly adjustable sleep. But Sleep Numbers goes a step further and offers an adjustable sleeping surface in addition which gives its mattress an extra edge over TempurPedic in terms of adjustable sleep.


TempurPedic mattresses have better maintenance convenience compared to that of Sleep Numbers. TempurPedic mattresses can be easily maintained simply through rotating the mattress on a regular basis. But Sleep Number mattresses are to be dismantled into separate components for maintenance. This is the job of the mattress professionals and hence requires additional cost to perform. Additionally it may also demand certain replacement or repair all of which are not covered by the warranty terms. Moreover it also requires timely inflating (which is again a matter of electric consumption) to retain the proper setting and appearance.


Because of their lighter weight and the dismantling feature Sleep Number mattresses are easy to lift and transport. By contrast TempurPedic mattresses are heavier and a bit difficult to move from one place to another whenever so required.

Requirement of Topper:

Since most of the TempurPedic models are having thicker surface layers the need of placing a topper is quite minimal as compared to the Sleep Number mattresses which often require additional topper to create the requisite comfort level.


Because of their lighter weight and the dismantling feature Sleep Number mattresses are easy to lift and transport. By contrast TempurPedic mattresses are heavier and a bit difficult to move from one place to another whenever so required.

Price and Perceived Value:

The lifespan of both TempurPedic and Sleep Number is more or less same. But the difference is that Sleep Number is often detected with different problems during its functional period and the most dominant issue being air loss and bladder leakage.  But TempurPedic being mage of solid memory foam there fewer user issues during its lifespan. Some users however come up with the sagging complaint but the number is negligible compared to that of Sleep Number.

Health Issues:

Both of the companies seem to be adequately concerned about their customers’ health and manufacture their mattress in a way so as to promote a healthy and painless sleeping experience. Using any of the mattresses is likely to reduce different body pains such as back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, joint pain etc. However in case of TempurPedic the pain management mechanism seems more efficient than Sleep Number.

Sex Friendly:

This is also one of the essential qualities of an efficient mattress for a large number of users. More than half of the Sleep Number users opine that their bed is not highly suitable for sex mainly due to the presence of the “valley” like area at the middle of the mattress where the air chambers meet up. But in case of TempurPedic there is no such issue and that what makes it a more sex friendly mattress compared to Sleep Number. Again some users also feel that due to its limited bouncing ability TempurPedic is not much conducive to sex. However who feel so can try the Flex variant which is endowed with a spring effect for a bouncy feedback.


TempurPedic mattresses are standalone units and hence there is no question of assembling. But Sleep number mattresses comprise of separate detachable parts that are required to be put together to form the mattress. And it takes considerable amount of time for this process to complete. The company charges a fee to accomplish this task in case the user does not like to do it on his own. So this results in an addition to the initial cost.

Number of Variants:

Sleep Number is presently available in 9 variants whereas TempurPedic presents 15 different options to choose from. We do not say that offering more variants can be considered as a true advantage still there is nothing wrong in having more so as to say. However some people find it difficult and confusing to select the right model for them out of the clutter.

Motion Isolation:

Motion isolation is the quality of a mattress which least affects a sleeper when another person is shifting position or moving out of the bed. Better the motion isolation lesser it would disturb the other person. And on this issue TempurPedic is definitely more superior to Sleep Number as per the users’ opinion.

Ease of Movement:

TempurPedic beds are no doubt a bit difficult to get off from due to the presence of the high density memory foam. The users seem to sink into them as it were. Therefore it is not recommended for the weak, injured, heavy or sick persons. But there is no such “sinking” issue in case of the Sleep Number mattresses

Heat Absorption:

The amount of heat absorption depends upon the material used in a mattress. Some material is prone to take in the heat from the sleeper’s body producing an inconveniently warm bed. And this complaint is more frequent among the TempurPedic users due to the use of the dense memory foam whereas the Sleep Numbr users are less likely to face this issue.

Initial Odor:

TempurPedic mattresses give off an objectionable odor after it is brought out of the package. And the smell stays for two to three days and even more in some cases. And the mattress needs to be kept in a well ventilated area to get rid of the smell. And many people find this odor to be extremely irritating and unacceptable. We won’t say that the problem does not exist in case of the Sleep Number mattresses but here the problem is not so prominent. And therefore Sleep Number users are less likely to complain this issue.

Ease of Use:

TempurPedic is certainly more proficient in this area. You just lie down and relax, no adjustment required. But Sleep Number mattresses generally involve a learning curve. You must apply the trial and error method to determine which setting is right for you. And you have to reduce or increase the air pressure to achieve the best support level. All these can cost you a considerable time and effort from your busy schedule.


Many variants of TempurPedic mattresses are available at so many mattress retailers scattered all over the city. But you will scarcely find more than one variant of Sleep Number at any particular retailer. In that case you will have to visit a Sleep Number store and then only you will be able to explore all the variants. However the products of both the companies are available online.


Some users complain that Sleep Number mattresses are a bit noisy at times. The complaint is not however an invalid one because due to the operation of the electric air pump a little noise is inevitable. Moreover they also produce a squeaking and crunching sound when moved from one place to another. But in contrast TempurPedic mattresses are quiet and silent at all times and virtually there is no scope for noise.

Return Policy:

 Sleep Number offers its customer a 100 day trial period within which you can send back the mattress in case you are not satisfied with the product. The company will replace it with a fresh piece or refund your money which ever you want. However in any case you will have to bear the cost of returning the product. The return policy of TempurPedic largely varies from one retailer to another. However as a whole TempurPedic’s return policies are often less costly and more convenient compared to that of Sleep Numbers.

The comprehensive study on TempurPedic and Sleep Number suggests that both are having some merits as well as demerits of their own. Sleep Number might be efficient in a particular area but weak in another and same applies to TempurPedic too. Therefore it is not possible or justified to adjudge a brand to be the best. Actually it is all about preferences. And you will have to decide what are your own preferences and requirements with regards to a specialty mattress. And then it will be easier for you to determine which of the two brands serves your purposes in the most efficient way.