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Tips To Get More Comments at YouTube Videos

What good is quantity when you do not where you can improve, what good is quantity when these are just numbers. Just by having subscribers, it is not enough, what is important to get your subscribers to even comment what they feel.

Comments are small versions of feedbacks and reviews, if you read each comment carefully, you will see that there is something hidden behind it. Weather it is negative comments or positive ones, everything matters.

Make quality videos

The type of comments that you get truly reflect what people think about your video and channel. These comments are based on what they have seen and how your viewers feel about it.

 When you make good quality videos, you will see a gradual increase in the number of people that come to your channel. You will also get to see that list of comments also increase.

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Audience involvement is essential

What good is a channel where they are no involvement of any audience, in order to have a successful channel, you need to ensure that your audience’s involvement is active. Your YouTube channel can be an interactive one if you are in a position to get your audience to interact with you. The involvement of your audience will help to make your channel a stand apart.

To get your audience to express what they feel in a very simple manner. At the end of your video, you can say something that can instigate a comment from the view, this could be in the form of a question, getting them to share their feedbacks, write reviews or even give suggestions on what somewhat content they would like to watch.

This will help you to get a better understanding of what your audience are looking out for.

Comment discussions are the best

Another perfectly good way to get your audience to share their thoughts is by starting a comments discussion. Getting your viewers to engage in a discussion on our comments section will actually help to get your viewers to start typing what they feel.

By taking place or creating such a discussion, you are encouraging them to speak out as well as increase the comments on your video channel.

Make sure you respond

Your response plays a vital role on your subscribers and viewers. Responding to your viewers will not just make them feel nice; however, it will also show them that you genuinely value every comment that comes in your list. The more replies and responses you give, the better you are able to connect to your audience.

Take suggestions for any new video that you are planning

Planning a new video regularly can be a tedious task; this is why it is important for you to ensure that you get as much help as possible.

There is nothing better than to get the help form your audience. When your audience shares their thoughts, it creates a path for you to understand what people are looking out for.

This will help you to give your audience what they are looking out for.