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The United Nations and How It Works

United Nations, headquartered in New York is a prestigious and international organization comprising of about 193 member countries. It came to existence in 1945 when the requirement for peace and prevention of war was critical.

The founding charter of UN mandates four different and ambitious purposes. The primary goal of the letter is international peace which is more of a full-time aspect. However, there are three other significant missions.

The charter is responsible for validating friendly and long-lasting relations between the members by solving the international problems, promoting human right as well as harmonizing the actions of the citizens.

Apart from that, the United Nations also takes part in several other initiatives such as mitigation of diseases, hunger, and illiteracy. Also, it helps in promotion and the development of the environment. Protection of refugees and economic growth also comes under many of the initiatives.

How Exactly Does The UN Work?

Well, the United Nations is not necessarily a government. So, it doesn’t have all the rights to the creation of laws that bind the country. However, the power of persuading the government as well as the citizens lies with the UN.

The nations and members make contributions to the budget of the UN, and each has a significant role to play in the funding of different activities that the UN initiates. Every single member of the UN votes in the General Assembly Meeting.

So, there is moral clout with the decisions that are made in the UN. These decisions help in reflecting the goals and value that the majority of the members share.

How Exactly Is The United Nations Organized

The General Assembly in the UN composes of member states and their representatives. It is responsible for creating different mandates that are guided to the councils and boards that come under it.

The meeting has a span of several weeks, and it is conducted in September every single year. The world leaders get a fair chance of coming together and forming relationships through the assembly.

The Secretariat in the United Nations carries out different works that are composed in the Organization, and there is a Security Council that elects the Secretary-General as the leader.

The Security Council of the UN certainly holds the most power in the organization. The primary goal of the council is to maintain world peace.

Five permanent member nations of for the Security Council are China, United States, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom having veto power. There are about ten non-permanent members that are elected by the General, and they have terms for about two years.

The members of the UN are requested to comply with all the decisions that are made by the Security Council. It sends different peace-restoring forces that allow the restoration of order whenever required.

Apart from that, the council also imposes separate arms embargo or economic sanctions to pressurize the countries that do not respect the Security Council’s decisions. It also has the power to deploy military forces if required.

The social and economic work is coordinated by the Economic and Social Council in the UN. Also, the Hague of Netherlands has an international court for settling the legal disputes as well.

The Members of The United Nations

The United Nations consists of 193 members in total. Holy See and Kosovo are the only two countries that don’t have representative members in the U.N. out of a total of 195 countries (recognized by the USA) in the world.

The U.N. has provided the ‘Permanent Observer’ status to Palestine; even though the United States claims that it is the part of Israel. Apart from that, China has replaced Taiwan.

The countries that are all willing to carry out and oblige to the decisions of the UN are more than welcome to have a membership in the UN. However, they need to have the approval of the Security Council beforehand.


At the end of October in the year 1945, the U.N. has its first 50 members where President Franklin D. Roosevelt lobbies for the creation of the U.N. to prevent another war. The Allies all pledged together to join forces and stop the Axis.

Main allies were China, Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Twenty-two other allies came from other countries.The United Nations still stands to be the second significant attempt to restore the World Peace.

President Woodrow in the year 1919 pushed the formation of the League Of Nations. It was just after World War I. There were 58 members, but it didn’t have the support of the United States. However, with the United Nations, things have seemed to change.

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