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Best vlogging cameras – Buyer’s guide

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Vlogging or video blogging is a growing trend. With podcasts, webinars or even Facebook live this act of sharing a video story is increasing among lots of bloggers.

The main criteria, however, for an efficient video blogging is the right choice of the camera with which a particular video will be shot.

In a market filled with a great number of choices, it often becomes difficult to pick up the right gear for vlogging. This article shall help both the newcomers and the experienced vloggers to direct their choices according to the need.

Top 10 Vlogging Cameras

Here we present top 10 vlogging cameras with their ranking for consumers’ benefit.

1) Sony a7R II

Sony a7R II has the world’s first back illuminated 35 mm CMOS image sensor. With 42.4 megapixels, this camera takes image resolution, speed and sensitivity to new records. The camera has great features like fast Hybrid AF, 5- axis in body image stabilization and 4K movie recording facilities with no pixel binning and full pixel read out.

The product introduces the first curtain shutter and silent shutter. The electronic shutter stops any kind of camera induced shake and image stabilization prevents any possibilities of blurring with any given lens. It also has an additional feature of shutter vibration suppression.

The camera has the on sensor phase detection AF which provides professional AF facilities in video and the facility to focus non-native lenses. The product induces buyers with its amazing resolution and noise performance.

If you are on a look out for videos with high contrast scenes, this is the product you are looking for.

The vibration is reduced by 50% by the shutter mechanism. This helps in silent shooting. The most innovative is Hybrid AF system which has 399 on sensor phase detecting points.

The horizontal and vertical coverages are enhanced with this feature by 60%. The focus has an acute precision that suits to the subjects’ eye even if they are moving. As earlier said, the autofocus can effectively work with not only its own lenses but also with lenses made for other devices.The 4K video whether in full frame or super 35 format is well captured and shot by this camera. The price of Sony a7R II in Indian market is running around 2,12,000.

This camera is considered to be one of favorite choice among vloggers for reasons more than one.

  1. It offers 29 minutes of continuous video recording. Sony has thus brought the most sought after feature to the vloggers.
  2. The noise doesn’t get irritating with high ISO. In the video mode the ISO goes 25600, but the noise remains useful there unlike many other cameras. A vlogger seeking best noiseless performance under a high ISO can switch to Super 35 mode.
  3. The portability of the camera becomes a boon for vloggers due to their minimal weight.

The camera is indeed good for video as well as can be used for photography. In addition to video, this camera can take exceptional candid shots and pictures.

2) Sony a6500

The Sony a6500 with an apt APS-C format is a mirror less camera useful for both stills and videography. The camera has a 24.2 megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor, BIONZ image processor, ISO 51200, an enhanced read out speed for internal 4K 30 and Full HD 1080p video recording with pixel readout.

The advantageous processor further helps the videographers with the additional slow and quick motion settings with which the video can be recorded in full HD and various frames. The 5 -axis steady shot inside image stabilization reduces the shakiness of the camera with all lenses given on a slow shutter speed.

The sensor and the processor facilitate 4D focus which uses 425 points phase detection system for quick and accurate focusing. This feature can thus capture moving objects with precision and correctness.

This camera is another viable option for vloggers across the globe for reasons like:

  1. This product has a magnesium alloy body and is incorporated with dust and moisture protections. It can be used in rough environments.
  2. The touch screen is of great importance for putting the focus into position or as a touchpad.
  3. In challenging light, the camera works marvelously.
  4. The menu has the ability to extend the 4K recording time.

The camera with these many features appears at a price range between 1,00,000-1,06,000.This camera is quite appealing to the videographers for the 4K resolutions being available in 1080p full HD and 720p ,the slow quick motion facility, focus peaking and Zebra warning. So if you are basically into shooting fast movable objects and actions, this camera will be a wise choice.

3) Panasonic Lumix GH4

This camera offers a great professional experience with moiré suppression, 4K 24p cinematic video, auto focusing with speed 49 area, phenomenal for video and hybrid photography. 

The noise reduction facility is superb. Videos can be recorded constantly for 29 minutes 59 seconds depending on the recording format. The magnesium alloy body is highly durable and splash and dust proof. This can prove its application in field use.The camera proves to be an efficient gear for video recording.

This camera has interesting features for great videography.

  1. The mirror less camera can compete with the most used video DSLR Canon 70D.
  2. Vloggers opting for tutorials must go for this camera due to its great colour coding and high video quality. The camera produces images with great resolution and sharpness.
  3. This camera has unique features like time-lapse recording and a new feature called Focus peaking for beginners.
  4. The granular customization setting offers you an advantage of clicking your picture or taking your video in an exactly same manner that you want. It also has a good range and high bitrate codecs that record up to 200 Mbps thus producing more realistic videos.
  5. GH4 supports a long range of lens selection. With the help of an adapter non-native lenses like Nikon, Canon, Leica,C-Mount,B4 and PL lenses can be used efficiently.

This camera comes around the price 1,40,000. Vloggers often make a choice of this because of the cinematic video quality and a bunch of features that might assist a vlogger for any kind of shoots he undertakes.

4) Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

The bestselling Cannon Powershot G7X Mark II features 1.0 inch, 20.1 megapixel CMOS sensor with a new digic 7 image processor which produces great images even in challenging light. It also features f/1.8(w)- f/2.8(t),4*2,9 Blade iris diaphragm.

It has a multi angle capacity of 3.0 LED screen with a resolution of 1.04 million dots and optical zooming of 4.2x. The native and extended ISO range from 125-12800.The product has an improved buffer date and burst rate than its predecessor with a faster 8fps burst mode.

A great change that has been made is that the Raw mode is rated at 8fps. The autofocus with low contrast scenes and subject tracking work too. Canon G7X Mark II can capture 1080p video at up to 60 fps in MP4 format and a stereo sound. The camera contains a new time-lapse movie feature.

The battery life enables the vloggers to use it for a longer time with 265 shots using a NB 13L battery pack. It has a WiFi button to afford an easy share of the images. The camera’s built in WiFi and NFC connectivity has to be accompanied with any IOS or android app to share images.

This camera is a favorite among the vloggers for the advanced features that it offers.

  1. Canon produced a camera that is almost perfect for vlogging.
  2. The camera facilitates reduced noise even at high ISO, this model is also better for low light videography. There are no grains even if you are filming at night or complete darkness.
  3. It has an awesome grip on the front and thus while vlogging on the roads, it doesn’t drop from the user’s hand.
  4. With the flip-up screen, fast and precise autofocus, image stabilization and great manual controls, this camera is too good for vlogging.
  5. The videos shot with these cameras are sharp, clear and professionally advanced.
  6. The video can be shot constantly for 50 minutes at 1080p at 30 frames per second quite unlikely in other cameras.
  7. The video looks exactly the way you want, not giving you any surprise shocks while reviewing.
  8. The interface is easier in Canon mainly for beginners.

The price comes around 79,000 in Indian market but it is totally worth it. With these many features and excellent user experience that it provides, the price appears affordable and completely worthy for the vloggers.

5) Panasonic LX 10

The Panasonic LX 10 comes next in the list featuring a fast 24-72 mm built-in lens with 20.1 megapixels and 1 inch type sensor. The native ISO ranges between125-12800 whereas the extended ISO ranges between 80-25600. With a proper touch screen display and easy interface facility, the camera proves its application to vloggers and photographers. The camera provides 4K UHD recording and 4K photo features too. Although, vloggers may find the continuous autofocus performance a bit difficult to handle, the other features are quite easy and appealing.

The LX10 has a large aperture control ring which can help as a focus ring. The camera provides 49 area autofocus mode, face/eye detection, tracking, 1-area, custom multi and pin-point focus modes. Some of the essential features that add up to the primordial features are focus peaking, low light AF and starlight AF.

The camera appeals to the vloggers for reasons such as:

  1. 4K video facilities with 4K UHD video recording at 30 fps. There is a unique feature of 4K live cropping. With the help of 3840*2160 4K UHD frame, panning and zooming a full HD crop can be possible within the 4K frame.
  2. Live cropping also enables slow motion video and 5-axis image stabilization. A full HD video can be recorded at 120 frames per second.
  3. The camera can record 15 minutes 4K UHD videos .It does not come with overheating problems popular in other 4K cameras.
  4. These videos can be recorded at Mp4 as well, very friendly with computers that are not so advanced. Thus,v loggers having a basic device find this feature very useful.
  5. It can record upto 120fps in full HD and thus vloggers can record super slow motion videos.
  6. It must be noted that this camera does not have interchangeable lens facilities. But the kind of lens you will get for this price is amazing. An advantage of cameras with standalone lenses is that a greater quality comes with lesser price.
  7. The flip touchscreen, wireless connectivity and time-lapse modes are added advantages.

The camera comes around 1, 45,000 in Indian market. For vloggers seeking greater quality with a low price range, this is surely your product.

6) Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark III features 22.3 megapixel CMOS sensor that shoots up to 6 frames per second. It has a digit 5+ image processor and an ISO that can extend upto 25600. A new 61 point AF system provides the camera the capability to click sharp pictures with precision. The focus supports a range f/4.0 and f/5.6 lenses.This camera is versatile enough to shoot in low light indoor set-ups and daylight outdoor settings.The camera supports HD video with manual exposure control, multiple frame rates, multiple audio level control and IPB compression.

The screen size is 3.2 inches with TFT colour and a liquid crystal monitor. The camera is good for video bloggers as it provides a video capture resolution of 1920*1080.An amazing video and an awesome image quality give the users immense pleasurable an experience.

But the question arises whether the model is efficient for vlogging as well. The answer will be definitely yes for reasons quite legible.

1.This camera has a full size sensor which enables it to add light and cover a wide area.
2.This camera stands apart from APS-C camera with its advantageous features and qualities.
3.Filmmakers often choose this camera because of its fast, appropriate and accurate AF system.
4.The camera’s dynamic range deals pretty well with dark backgrounds and bright subjects. So, this camera will serve it all for you.
5.The color coding and preciseness of the picture and video quality are fabulous. These make the buyer still choose this camera over newer models. The color does not undergo any change under higher ISOs as well.
6.Vloggers have appreciated the battery life. It has good battery duration.
7.This camera is nearly 5 years old but still very few DSLR s can match with the features and experience that it offers.

This camera comes around the price range of 2,28,000-2, 30,000.The price may seem high but for a camera with such amazing features, the price quoted is worth giving. Filmmakers make it their first choice to shoot indoors. However, its heavy weight becomes a problem for the vloggers to carry it around. But if you are using a tripod or making an indoor shoot, this product shall give you a tongue-tied experience.

7) Canon EOS 80D

Videographers often opt for. Canon EOS 80D has 24.2 megapixel(APS-C) CMOS sensor,45 point all cross type autofocus system which allows superb focus while working with optical viewfinder. This is an improved version of the 70D model which had 19 point AF system. The viewfinder is absolute with  100% coverage. The dual pixel CMOS AF system has been improved to enable the video to be smooth, fast and with a precise autofocus.3 inches screen size is available with LCD display type. 

The video is shot with a resolution of 1920*1080p. The model body is protected against dust and water. It has an exterior made of polycarbonate and magnesium alloy. Videographers often opt for this camera because it offers 1080/60p capture and a great continuous autofocus. 

 As a complementary feature it has a headphone jack. The new vibration control system eliminates to a great extent any camera induced shakes. The 80D also introduces the 7560 pixel RGB and IR metering sensor, a distinct improvement from its predecessor. This sensor allows subject tracking.

The camera comes as the option for being a vlogging gear because of the features that it offers.

1.Video recordings always require an autofocus that would keep pace with the movements. The autofocus in this camera is fast and smooth and once adjusted, it remains there without any change. Thus, the vloggers can work without thinking about the position of the focus.
2.The camera has an ISO range of 100-12800 and a digit 6 image processor which helps in noise reduction and provides conditions for shooting in both low and bright lights.
3.The camera has a high dynamic range that enables it to shoot two HD videos and then to combine them for replaying it up to 30 fps.
4.The camera produces brilliant videos with precision and detailing.

This camera comes around 70,000.This camera can be the best option for those working with both stills and videos. It is quite popular among vloggers because of its stellar credentials.

8) Canon EOS Rebel T7i

Canon EOS Rebel T7i features 24.2 megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor, dual pixel autofocus system which will attract camera enthusiasts towards it. The dual pixel AF and 45 point AF system make it easier to shoot moving objects with precision and accuracy. 

The interface is quite easy to handle as a new user interface has been provided for beginners. The native ISO ranges from 100-25600 whereas the extended ISO ranges from 100-51200.
There are a couple of features in this particular model that can help vloggers direct their choice or stick to this model.

Rebel cameras have been used by Youtube vloggers for many years.

1.It is a camera that is affordable with a very good quality of video.
2.The new processor is very futuristic and the sensor is similar to the high-end cameras like 80D.With this price range, the image quality can achieve similarity with 80D.
3.The ISO is better compared to its earlier models. It has more focus points,1080/60 fps and a better battery duration. The camera can take up to 600 shots at a go.
4.The autofocus is quite good with flip-out screen.
5.The market offers a good many number of lenses for the model.

The camera has an affordable price with efficiency for vlogging. The price in Indian market is something around 86,020 and can be well listed as one of the best cameras of 2017.

9) Canon EOS M3

Canon EOS M3 can give you the pleasure of a DSLR with a compact size and portability.EOS M3 comes with 24 megapixel (APS-C) sensors, Hybrid CMOS AF III autofocus and a digit 6 processor. It has got a 49 point AF system. The camera produces great quality stills and full HD videos.EOS M3 promises to capture the shots with acute precision giving you a DSLR feel within a handy model.

The native ISO ranges between 100-12800 and the extended ISO ranges from 100-25600.It can shoot both indoors and landscape photography. The LCD can tilt upward and downward providing a great quality. The built in WIFI and NFC are often very helpful.EOS M3 is an improved version of the earlier M model. It is a more enhanced mirror less camera. 

Vloggers can choose the model for reasons so many-

  1. The camera is useful for vloggers because of its APS-C sensor. It performs well in a challenging light.
  2. It can be carried easily for its compactness. Its sensor is bigger than G7X but its size is small to the ease of the vloggers.
  3. It is also equipped with a Microphone port- an added advantage.
  4. It has also got a built-in stereo microphone for advanced sound quality.
  5. Great video and image quality are accompanied with EOS performance.
  6. A camera with interchangeable lens and manual controls. But EF-EOS M mount adapter is required for this camera.
  7. With high ISO the noise just does not become disturbing.
  8. The sleek LCD can tilt up to 180 degrees upward and 45 degrees downward.

The price of this camera is nearly 50,000.You can rely upon this camera as it is one of the finest models to be carried here and there for vlogging.

10) Nikon D5500

Nikon D5500 features 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor with no optical low pass filter. The camera is compact and handy. It can be used for 3D subject tracking in APS-C, 2016 pixel RGB metering sensor is also used. 

The ISO ranges from 100-25600. The camera also supports 1080/60p video with HDMI and flat picture control.The camera provides 5fps continuous shooting. It takes 820 shots with an amazing battery life. The D5500 is quite appealing with great image quality and flip-out LCD screen. It has a touch screen LCD and a faster processor.

Nikon D5500 can be an option for vloggers because of reasons like-

  1. It can record a fast, smooth video which can be instantly uploaded to YouTube.
  2. Its video resolution is 1080/60p which enables a full HD sharp video.
  3. It is used popularly for easy vlogging since the camera can work great in low light with excellent noise reduction. The ISO can be extended up to 25600 but there will be no irritable noise or distorted image quality.
  4. It has a perfectly articulating LCD which offers a 270 degree rotation with high resolution which is very efficient for video recording in crowds or while working with tripod.
  5. Strong battery life is an advantage too.

The price of the camera is 52,000(roughly).It offers a whole lot of features within a reasonable price. Vloggers can well opt for this model without worrying about much issues.

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