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Top 10 Best Vlogging Tripods : Buyer’s Guide

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Vlogging is one of the latest phenomena of our time. It refers to a type of blogging where video is the main medium. The newly coined word Vlog is actually the shortened form of Video Blog. Vlogging often consists of a video along with supporting text and images as well as other metadata.

This vlogging trend is extremely popular on the world’s most visited video sharing site YouTube. Today an increasing number of bloggers and webmasters are making use of this platform in an effective manner to reach their respective goals.

It is evident that for the purpose of vlogging two things are indispensable – a camcorder and a tripod. Because if you want a quality video for your vlog you must first of all ensure that the video is smooth and jerk-free. And to achieve that buying a good camcorder is not just the end of the task. You must get a good tripod as well on which you will place your camera.

Without a tripod you can never be able attain smooth professional quality video. It is extremely crucial in stabilizing your shots especially for an extended period of time.

But as the market is full of hundreds and thousands of tripods these days, it is a bit difficult to find out the best suitable one out of the clutter. To make the task easier we provide you with some of the really good stuffs from which you can easily pick one for yourself.

Tripod Essentials: Few things are to be kept in mind while estimating the worth of a tripod before buying –

  • Sustainability to harsh use in field works
  • Light weight for carrying convenience
  • Ability to carry heavy loads
  • Ease of operation in the midst of business
  • Compatibility with multiple cameras
  • Adequate height coverage for outdoor shots
  • Additional accessories like travel bag, string hook, extra mounts etc.

1.) Really Right Stuff TVC – 33 Versa Series 3 with BH-55 Ball Head

TVC – 33 Versa Series 3 from Really Right Stuff is indeed a worthy option for an intended tripod buyer. This carbon fiber tripod comes with a number of advantages. First of all it looks great in appearance with diamond styled carbon veneer throughout its body.

The metal portions are built by a process called CNC milling (not done through molding) using solid metals that gives it an additional strength and sustainability. It features rubber ball feet and a twist lock. It also features a ratcheting system meant for the leg locks which allows your hands to stay free from pinching once the “stop” is pulled out.  Moreover it is quick and easy to set up and to break apart.

Only a quarter of a rotation is required to unlock or relock every leg section. Although it reaches a lofty height when fully opened, it can also fold down to a very small size to offer best possible carrying comfort. The unique shape of its legs helps the leg section not to touch the ground even at the lowest height setup. In fact if you are in search of a tripod that can stoop too low this might be the best one for you.

Finally the rubber exterior offers an anti-slip grip to almost all possible surfaces and hence can be used indoors and outdoors without any concern of falling. For those willing to change the rubber feet a set of metallic spikes are also available.

The BH-55 Ball Head perfectly matches TVC – 33 Versa Series 3 in terms of both quality and looks. Working with it truly offers a pleasant experience due to its silky smooth movements. Both the head and legs can bear a load of upto 50 lbs. For those who do not require this capacity can easily go for BH-40 Ball Head as a good alternative.

Quick Specs of TVC – 33 Versa Series 3 with BH-55 Ball Head –

  • Weight – 6.26 lb
  • Minimum Height – 7.8”
  • Maximum Height – 62.3”
  • Folded Length – 29.3”
  • Load Endurance – 50 lb

2.) Induro CLT 203 Classic Series 2 with BHM 2S Ball Head

Induro has designed this Classic series giving it a lesser reflective design without no emphasis on outwardly appearance. This tripod is for those who are concerned more about built and features and not how it looks. However it is designed to perform in a varied range of work environments. The legs are made up of carbon fiber coupled with magnesium alloy.

This makes it quite strong and durable. They also come attached with foam pads. The main column is easily reversible when the weight hook is removed. A small center column has also been provided intended for low shooting. The legs are capable of being adjusted in three different angles.

Moreover the Quintaxial positioning, a patent pending feature from Induro, offer a multiple ways positioning of the tripod which is highly convenient for operating the device. Again the fully graduated scales enable you to view position of pan, shifts and tilts. A carrying case is also offered for the protection of the legs as well as convenient transportation.

There is also a tool pouch to hold the spike feet and an adjusting wrench for making necessary adjustments. What more do you look for?

BHM 2S Ball Head

BHM 2S Ball Head goes quite well in tune with CLT 203 Classic Series 2. Both make a perfect duo together. It has a separate knob for pan control and a friction adjustment meant for the ball. The single notch facilitates vertical shooting while the top plate is compatible with bull’s eye level.

The combination of the duo is capable of withstanding a load of 30.9 lb and elevates to the height of 67.1 inches.

Quick Specs of CLT 203 Classic Series 2 with BHM 2S Ball Head –

  • Weight – 4.5 lb
  • Minimum Height – 18.9”
  • Maximum Height – 67.1”
  • Folded Length – 28.7”
  • Load Endurance – 30.9 lb
  • Leg Sections – 3

3.) Silk Pro 700DX AMT Tripod coupled with 3way Pan & Tilt Head –

Silk Pro 700DX AMT can be best described as one of the most sturdy and tall tripods available in the market. And when we say tall we really mean it as it goes as high as 74.8” when fully stretched. Therefore it is best for those to whom height is a top priority. Its legs are made with the combination of three metals namely aluminum, magnesium and titanium and this is why the name AMT tripod.

This blend of metals makes it 40% mightier compared to those made with aluminum only.  Its foam padded legs are designed to stand in three different positions. The centre column features a dual lock so that it does not rotate at any event. It can also be minimized for taking low angle shots.

Generally most of the flip locks have hex bolts which can be adjusted and tightened when they are loosen with over use. But things are different over here. Its compact flip lock is not meant to be adjusted. But this does not create any problem as it does not loosen with time but remains as it is for years.The 3 way head is defined by a simple yet effective design and is also perfect for 700 DX.

The most striking part is its circular quick release plate which makes it very unique as a tripod head. The main advantage of this plate is that the camera can be attached at all horizontal angles and you need not turn the tripod to position the camera in the required direction.

This is a pretty good thing, isn’t it?

Quick specks of Silk Pro 700DX AMT Tripod coupled with 3way Pan & Tilt Head –

  • Weight – 4.5 lb
  • Minimum Height – 15.4”
  • Maximum Height – 74.8”
  • Folded Length – 29.9”
  • Load Endurance – 15 lb
  • Leg Sections – 3

4.) Gitzo GT2532 Mountaineer Series 2 and GH 1382 QD

GT2532 Mountaineer Series 2 is a premium quality tripod from Gitzo. It boats of multi layer carbon legs along with distinguished Gitzo veneer. It is built with best quality magnesium and the surface is powder coated. All these things give it a signature Gitzo appearance.

Moreover the Modulus Carbon employed in the lower legs increases the diameter of the legs thereby making them stronger and firmer.

You can remove the center column which will shorten it creating a low angle shooting position. When fully expanded it reaches a considerable height of 69.8 inches to offer the user a truly elevated shooting angle. The tripod has a capacity of 31lb so far as carrying the highest load is concerned.

The legs are secured with a unique locking system called G-lock Ultra. It has an O-ring that prevents dusts and other foreign objects from infringing into the leg systems. The angle adjustment tabs of the legs are loaded with springs to create a pleasant effect while adjusting them. Finally a ballast hook placed on the main column lets you add weight for increasing the stability of the tripod. GH 1382 QD Ball Head is well suited with GT2532 Mountaineer Series 2. It is indeed a very graceful unit with beautiful curving design.

The blend of the brushed accent and the powder coating gives it a gorgeous appearance. The metal ball is again coated with a substance called tungsten disulfide. Whatever be the thing, it offers extremely smooth movement to the attachment. There is a co-axial friction knob that adjusts the control for the main ball. There is also a panning lock in addition.

Quick Specs of Gitzo GT2532 Mountaineer Series 2 and GH 1382 QD –

  • Weight – 4.8 lb
  • Minimum Height – 10.7”
  • Maximum Height – 69.8”
  • Folded Length – 30”
  • Load Endurance – 31 lb
  • Leg Sections – 3

5.) Oben AC – 1361 Tripod cum B BA- 117 Ball Head

The main USPs of this tripod is its versatility and value for money. If you are to buy an affordable, light weight and easy to carry tripod you can definitely go for this one. You really get a whole lot of features and facilities along with it. The main versatility of Oben AC – 1361 will be noticeable when you glance at its center column.

It is actually telescoping however it can be totally removed. The BA – 117 head can be attached directly to the chassis to offer low shooting angles as well as enhanced stability. The ball head features a single lever of control to facilitate fast operation.

The gear hook set at the button is also removable and the whole column entirely reverses to allow best possible low angle shooting. The head equips a special safety lock to avoid accidental release or displacement of the plate and the shooting device.

The ball head offers a smooth and nice feel while the top plate is studded with three bubble levels – one for the bull’s eye and the other two for the tubes. 90 degree head rotation can be achieved through a single notch. Being made with aluminum, its weight taking capacity is not much impressive as compared to that of others in this list.

However you must keep it in mind that this is relatively cheaper when compared to them. Last but not least the unit comes with a nicely padded transport bag. You also get a shoulder strap that can be attached to the tripod in case you don’t want to carry the case along.

Quick Specs of Oben AC-1361 3-Section Aluminum Tripod with BA-117 Ball Head –

  • Weight – 4.4 lb
  • Minimum Height – 9.5”
  • Maximum Height – 67.5”
  • Folded Length – 27.3”
  • Load Endurance – 17.6 lb
  • Leg Sections – 3

6.) Benro TAD 37C Series 3 Tripod with V2E Triple Action Ball Head

TAD 37C Series 3 is in many ways similar to the Induro model discussed in this article. But the main difference between them is that Benro has a flip lock for its legs. Moreover it has been given solo foam pads intended for carrying purpose. However Benro’s flip lock is undoubtedly one of the best with extremely smooth action and a beautiful design.

The main column is secured through a wing-nut collar mechanism while different angle options for the legs can be achieved by dragging out the locking cams. The bull’s eye bubble level for the legs is fixed on the chassis. It can hold a moderate weight of 26.5 lb at its best.

The maximum height reached by the tripod is 67.7 which is quite acceptable. But unfortunately it cannot reach too low. Benro V2E Triple Action Ball is quite in keeping with TAD 37C Series 3. Moreover it is both elegant and advantageous. A nice blue colored ball is attached to the black body offering it a pleasant appearance. The main adjustment knob has also accents of blue.

The friction control has been placed on the main knob in a coaxial way. There is also a pan lock that facilitates left to right movement and vice versa. The quick release which is Arca-type compatible equips a pull and twist safety system which saves your shooting device from accidental fall from the tripod unit. The system can be looked upon as a unique addition by Benro.

Quick specs of Benro TAD 37C Series 3 Tripod with V2E Triple Action Ball Head –

  • Weight – 5.1 lb
  • Minimum Height – 19.3”
  • Maximum Height – 67.7”
  • Folded Length – 29.1”
  • Load Endurance – 26.5 lb
  • Leg Sections – 3

7.) Manfrotto MT 055X PRO 3 Tripod and MHX PRO 3W Head

This is another popular set of accessories which can be a great companion for your shooting gear. MT 055X PRO 3 combines useful features with a sophisticated look. The main chassis sports a gorgeous black look with touches of red. There are also brushed accents all over.

The leg locks grips the legs at four different angles. The lock levers are quite large and extremely nice and easy to operate. The flip locks on the other hand are placed at a higher position instead of staying at the end. This offers the user a better leverage in terms of pulling and pushing the lock.

The center column extends and rotates to 90 degree angles to facilitate convenient shooting. The oblong shaped head wisely integrates the brand logo at its top. The cleverly designed chassis link allows a number of accessories to be attached into it. It reaches an extreme minimum height of 3.5 inches.

The MHX PRO 3W Head bears the signature design and craftsmanship of Manfrotto. In order to keep it compact and travel friendly the handles are designed to fold and retract. This is no doubt a nice thought.Friction adjustments are also provided for the couple of axes. And the three bubble levels are to be found at the corner of the unit. 

One significant thing to mention here is that Manfrotto keeps all its individual parts available to the users for purchase. Hence if any of them gears out, you can easily purchase it from the market and keep on using the tripods without having to buy the entire unit. Same applies to Gitzo tripods as well but not to all others.

Quick Specs of Manfrotto MT 055X PRO 3 Tripod and MHX PRO 3W Head –

  • Weight – 7.7 lb
  • Minimum Height – 3.5”
  • Maximum Height – 72”
  • Folded Length – 29.1”
  • Load Endurance – 17.6 lb
  • Leg Sections – 3

8.) Feisol CT- 3472 LV Elite Rapid Tripod with CB – 40D Ball Head

Feisol CT- 3472 LV Elite Rapid is known for its versatility in terms of supporting a number of different cameras. It is built with heavy duty carbon which offers it adequate strength and enough load capacity. The three-way leg locks are uniquely designed by Feisol and equip a release tab which extends out of the chassis at the highest position of the legs.

The legs also feature an anti-rotation technology that holds them firmly in place at the time of tightening the twist lock. The twist lock is simply designed with soft but gripping rubber. There is a leveling center column that takes care of the leveling adjustments.

It can be replaced with an another mount base (provided with the unit) which enables the user to place the camera directly to the chassis plate. The predefined leg angles are 75, 50 and 25 degrees. It can obtain a minimum height of 6.84 inches. You will get a travel bag to carry and retain the unit.

CB-40D Ball Head is a worthy comrade to CT–3472 LV Rapid.  This light weight ball head is all black in appearance with a clean design. It features a separate pan lock and an Arca-Swiss compatible quick release. Its two way locking system is very effective – one locks the sphere and another takes care of the base plate offering an improved stability to the unit.

There is also an integrated panning base. It has a load capacity of 33 lb which is more or less standard for most cases.

Quick Specs of Feisol CT- 3472 LV Elite Rapid Tripod with CB – 40D Ball Head –

  • Weight – 6 lb
  • Minimum Height – 6.84”
  • Maximum Height – 74.2”
  • Folded Length – 26.1”
  • Load Endurance – 33 lb
  • Leg Sections – 4

9.) 3 Legged Thing Equinox Winston Tripod and AirHed 360 Ball Head

Equinox Winston from the house of 3 Legged Thing is one of the newer comers in the tripod arena. It stands out from other in terms of its unique color combinations as well as features. The leg lock grips also bear the mark of unique design.

Not only that, they feel very pleasant to adjust as well. Another striking thing about them is that they equip a secondary locking mechanism which prevents them from loosening. Moreover the legs also have an anti-rotation feature to save them from spinning around while retracting or expanding.

Finally the legs can be folded down to inverted position to facilitate compact storage. Another very useful feature of Winston is that one of its legs can be detached anytime and utilized as a monopod or even a selfie stick. This is really cool. It is also extremely efficient with regards to load carrying capacity as well as reaching heights.

AirHed 360 Ball Head is a perfect match for Equinox Winston. Its specially designed contour allows the legs to fold up in a clever way so as to reduce the girth offering extra ease in transport.

The ball head comes with a dual pan design which makes it easier for the user to level the whole unit. Moreover both the panning adjustments have different locks. It is also having an Arca-type compatible quick release.

Quick Specs of 3 Legged Thing Equinox Winston Tripod and AirHed 360 Ball Head –

  • Weight – 4.7 lb
  • Minimum Height – 10.6”
  • Maximum Height – 76.9”
  • Folded Length – 23.6”
  • Load Endurance – 88.2 lb
  • Leg Sections – 3

10.) Oben CC-2381 Tripod and BE-126 Ball Head

Oben CC-2381 is a highly versatile tripod made up of carbon fiber. The center column facilitates the user with the option of inverted shooting. Again it can be divided into two sections with a view to offer extremely low angle shooting. Just fasten the Allen screw if you don’t require the shorter column.

The angle locks for legs perfectly works in keeping the legs at three preset angles i.e. 80, 55 and 24 degrees. The rubber feet pull back to bring out spikes for setting up the unit on softer surfaces. A padded bag is provided to carry the unit and a tool kit to perform necessary adjustments.

The BE-126 ball head, a true soul mate of Oben CC-2381, is endowed with all relevant features. It is Arca-type compatible and also having separate panning lock. The bull’s eye level is placed innovatively at the end of the knob for quick release. Another eye is positioned beneath the quick release plate.

Quick Specs of Oben CC-2381 Tripod and BE-126 Ball Head –

  • Weight – 4.5 lb
  • Minimum Height – 10.3”
  • Maximum Height – 70.1”
  • Folded Length – 29.7”
  • Load Endurance – 25 lb
  • Leg Sections – 3

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