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10 Ways to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

1.) Join the Partner Program on YouTube

For limited countries, YouTube offers a partner program. There is a system called revenue sharing that you can use which is a part of the program. Check the list to see if your country is a part of it or not.

2.) Get some good quality paid content

You can also get some money though paid content on your videos. In order to get this done, you need to ensure that from the settings section, under the Status and Features section you have the paid content feature active.

You also need to ensure that your account has a good standing and the country that you presently live in should be in the list of countries that are in the list. Along with that, you should also ensure that you have enabled Absence. ,

Do not be surprised if you have a few fans of yours who want to provide some kind of financial support for what you do. If this is the case, you can always take their help by using the fan funding option that is available on YouTube.

This will help you to earn some money through your YouTube channel. You can check out the eligibility and qualifying criteria to start you fan funding option.

4.) Join YouTube network for marketing and advertising your videos

There are various YouTube networks that you can join depending on the genre or category your channel falls into. You can choose the one that is relevant to your brand and join them. These networks also show you what kind of content is in demand.

5.) Sponsorships can give you a boost

Aim for getting sponsorship, they are a great way to help monetize the channel and videos that you plan to have/have. You can have a look at some good tips and guides on how you can get sponsors and enhance your channel.

6.) Reviews will work miracles

Video reviews are awesome and many people love to watch them. You can give reviews of various products from dressing, makeup, fashion, games, software, PC/laptops. Gadgets etc.

7.) How to guides is a good investment

Guides and tutorials are something that is always popular. You can consider starting your channel on a particular category or niche. This will be helpful for you to set you focus. You also need to be aware of your competitors.

8.) Affiliate products promotions

If you are considering promoting affiliated products to earn, ensure that you choose products that are related to what you are doing. You also have the option to choose those products, which are in demand or fast moving, this will also be beneficial for you.

9.) WordPress + YouTube for better results

For better results, you can use the help of wordpress and your YouTube account. For your wordpress blog, you can start using the help of various YouTube Videos in the form of banners. 

You also have the benefit of using plug-in called Tune Video ads on your blog for monetizing.

10.) Work on branding your name

When you brand your name, you not only create a better chance to earn money but you also get a chance to be noticed. You can never say when luck can strike and you end up getting a good deal just because of the branding of your name.